A Guide to Leonard Bernstein's

The Productions

1956 Broadway Production
1958 Concert Tour
1959 London Production
1966 UCLA Production
1968 New York Concert
1971 Touring Production
1974 Broadway Revival
1977 Tel Aviv Concert
1982 New York City Opera Production
1988 Scottish Opera Production
1989 Leonard Bernstein Recording
1994 St. Louis Production
1994 Lyric Opera of Chicago Production
1995 Los Angeles Production
1997 Broadway Revival
1998 London Symphony Concerts
1999 Royal National Theatre Production
2002 San Francisco Symphony Concerts
2003 UK Touring Production
2004 New York Philharmonic Concerts
The Songs
The Libretto
Lillian Hellman (1956 Broadway)
Hugh Wheeler (1973 Chelsea draft)
The Recordings
The Score
Broadway (1958)
Broadway (1976)
Scottish Opera (1994)
A Chronology
Selected Writings
The Novel

Bibliography Links

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins