Anthologies edited by Michael Bishop
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A Cross of Centuries
Light Years and Dark
Nebula Awards 23
Nebula Awards 24
Nebula Awards 25
Passing for Human

Stories of Metamorphosis

(edited with Ian Watson)

Changes, First Edition New York: Ace 10260
[ISBN 0-441-10260-3] [pb] ($2.75),
Jul 1983; 259 pp.
[cover artist not credited]
  • Introduction: Fleeing from the Baboon (Ian Watson)
  • Sporting With the Chid (Barrington Bayley)
  • The Wife's Story (Ursula K. Le Guin)
  • Rogue Tomato (Michael Bishop)
  • The New Me (Thomas M. Disch) *
  • Legacy (Charles Sheffield)
  • Sisohpromatem (Kit Reed)
  • The Byrds (Michael G. Coney) *
  • Desertion (Clifford D. Simak)
  • The First Christmas Tree (Thomas M. Disch) *
  • The Dark of the June (Gene Wolfe)
  • The Indian Rope Trick Explained (Rudy Rucker)
  • Flies by Night (Lisa Tuttle and Steven Utley)
  • The Day of the Wolf (Ian Watson) *
  • Between the Dark and the Daylight (Algis Budrys)
  • Once on Aranea (R. A. Lafferty)
  • Master (Angela Carter)
  • The Apotheosis of Myra (Walter S. Tevis)
  • The Tithonian Factor (Richard Cowper) *
    * Stories original to this anthology

Light Years and Dark
Science Fiction and Fantasy Of and For Our Time
Light Years and Dark, First Edition New York: Berkley 07214
[ISBN 0-425-07214-2] [trade pb] ($8.95),
Nov 1984; 498 pp.
[cover artist not credited]
  • Introduction (Michael Bishop)
  • You and Me and the Continuum (J. G. Ballard)
  • The Map (Gene Wolfe) *
  • Halfjack (Roger Zelazny)
  • Doing Lennon (Gregory Benford)
  • Strangeness, Charm and Spin (Kate Wilhelm) *
  • Brown Robert (Terry Carr)
  • The Bloomsday Revolution (Ian Watson) *
  • The Dybbuk Dolls (Jack Dann)
  • Dancing Chickens (Edward Bryant) *
  • When the Music's Over... (Michael Swanwick) *
  • Terrific Park (George Alec Effinger)
  • The Tale of the (Man) Who (Met) (God) (Norman Spinrad) *
  • Four Poems (Robert Frazier)
    • The Starry Message to Galileo Galilei
    • The Supremacy of Bacteria *
    • "We cannot escape humility."
    • Cetacean Dreams *
  • Summer's Lease (Joe W. Haldeman)
  • The Nine Billion Names of God (Carter Scholz) *
  • Nor Limestone Islands (R. A. Lafferty)
  • Fears (Pamela Sargent) *
  • SQ (Ursula K. Le Guin)
  • Scrimptalon's Test (Gerald W. Page & Michael Bishop) *
  • An Infinite Summer (Christopher Priest)
  • The Man Who Was Pregnant (ELizabeth A. Lynn)
  • Corridors (Barry N. Malzberg)
  • Limits (Larry Niven)
  • Crossing Into Cambodia (Michael Moorcock)
  • The Lecturer (John Kessel) *
  • Under the Hollywood Sign (Tom Reamy)
  • The Lords of Misrule (M. John Harrison)
  • Three Parodies (John Sladek)
    • Ralph 4F by Hugogre N. Backs
    • Solar Shoe-Salesman by Chipdip K. Kill
    • The Sublimation World by J. G. B------
  • School Days (Suzette Haden Elgin) *
  • The Wanda Lake Number (Robert Thurston)
  • Chambers of Memory (Gordon Eklund) *
  • Painwise in Yucatan (James Tiptree, Jr.)
  • Dinner Party (Gardner R. Dozois) *
  • The Cure (Lisa Tuttle) *
  • Paradise Beach (Richard Cowper)
  • Getting Away (Steven Utley)
  • The Cabinet of Edgar Allen Poe (Angela Carter)
  • Dead in Irons (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
  • Rock On (Pat Cadigan) *
  • The Death of Socrates (Thomas M. Disch)
  • Helpless, Helpless (Howard Waldrop) *
  • Dogs' Lives (Michael Bishop)
  • The Eichmann Variations (George Zebrowski) *
    * Stories original to this anthology

Nebula Awards 23
SFWA's Choices for the Best SF and Fantasy 1987
Nebula Awards 23 San Diego CA: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
  • [ISBN 0-15-164930-8] [hc] ($21.95)
  • [ISBN 0-15-665475-X] [trade pb] ($12.95)

  • Apr 1989; 370 pp.
    [cover design: Vaughn Andrews]
    • Introduction (Michael Bishop)
    • The World Renews Itself: A View on the SF and Fantasy of 1987 (Ian Watson)
    • In Memoriam: Alfred Bester (Isaac Asimov)
    • Forever Yours, Anna (Kate Wilhelm)
    • Flowers of Edo (Bruce Sterling)
    • Schwarzschild Radius (Connie Willis)
    • Witness (Walter Jon Williams)
    • Judgment Call (John Kessel)
    • The Glassblower's Dragon (Lucius Shepard)
    • Rachel in Love (Pat Murphy)
    • Before the Big Bang: News from the Hubble Large Space Telescope (Jonathan V. Post)
    • A Dream of Heredity (John Calvin Rezmerski)
    • Daedalus (W. Gregory Stewart)
    • Angel (Pat Cadigan)
    • Freezeframe (Gregory Benford)
    • The Blind Geometer (Kim Stanley Robinson)
    • Spelling God with the Wrong Blocks (James Morrow)
    • DX (Joe Haldeman)
    • Science Fiction Movies of 1987 (Bill Warren)
    Nebula Awards 23 [Spanish edition] [as Premios Nebula 1987]
    [Spanish translations by Carlos Gardini]

    Barcelona: Ediciones B (Nova #29)
    [ISBN 84-406-1421-7] [pb] (?),
    Sep 1990; 493 pp.
    [cover: Oscar Chichoni]

    Nebula Awards 24
    SFWA's Choices for the Best SF and Fantasy 1988
    Nebula Awards 24 San Diego CA: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
  • [ISBN 0-15-164932-4] [hc] ($21.95)
  • [ISBN 0-15-665474-1] [trade pb] ($13.95)

  • Apr 1990; 302 pp.
    [cover art: Michael Stuckey; design: Vaughn Andrews]
    • Introduction (Michael Bishop)
    • Themes and Variations: A View on the SF and Fantasy of 1988 (Ian Watson)
    • Free Associating About Falling Free (Lois McMaster Bujold)
    • Ray Bradbury: Ambassador to the Future (Greg Bear)
    • Collector Speaks (Ray Bradbury)
    • More Than One Way to Burn a Book (Ray Bradbury)
    • Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge (James Morrow)
    • The Devil's Arithmetic [excerpt] (Jane Yolen)
    • The Nightmare Collector (Bruce Boston)
    • Rocky Road to Hoe (Suzette Haden Elgin)
    • White Trains (Lucius Shepard)
    • Schrodinger's Cat (George Alec Effinger)
    • The Fourth Moxie Branch (Jack McDevitt)
    • In Memoriam: Clifford D. Simak (Gordon R. Dickson)
    • In Memoriam: Robert A. Heinlein (Frank M. Robinson)
    • Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
    • The Other Dead Man (Gene Wolfe)
    • The Daily Chernobyl (Robert Frazier)
    • The Last of the Winnebagos (Connie Willis)
    • My Alphabet Starts Where Your Alphabet Ends (Paul Di Filippo)
    • The Year of the Pratfall: SF Movies of 1988 (Bill Warren)

    Nebula Awards 25
    SFWA's Choices for the Best SF and Fantasy 1989
    Nebula Awards 25 San Diego CA: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
  • [ISBN 0-15-164933-2] [hc]($24.95)
  • [ISBN 0-15-665473-3] [trade pb] ($14.95)

  • Apr 1991; 346 pp.
    [cover design: Vaughn Andrews]
    • Introduction (Michael Bishop)
    • What is Science Fiction? (Damon Knight)
    • Ripples in the Dirac Sea (Geoffrey A. Landis)
    • The Avalanche: A View on the SF and Fantasy Novels of 1989 (Ian Watson)
    • The Snake Charm [excerpt from The Healer's War] (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
    • Some Reflections on The Healer's War (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
    • Solace (Gardner R. Dozois)
    • The Mountains of Mourning (Lois McMaster Bujold)
    • Salinity (Robert Frazier)
    • In the Darkened Hours (Bruce Boston)
    • Winter Solstice, Camelot Station (John M. Ford)
    • For I Have Touched the Sky (Mike Resnick)
    • Vulgar Art (Orson Scott Card)
    • The Ommatidium Miniatures (Michael Bishop)
    • The Great Nebula Sweep (Paul Di Filippo)
    • At the Rialto (Connie Willis)
    • Exile's Paradigm (Richard Grant)
    • In Blue (John Crowley)
    • Year of the Bat: Science Fiction Movies of 1989 (Bill Warren)

    A Cross of Centuries
    Twenty-five Imaginative Tales about the Christ
    A Cross of Centuries New York: Thunder's Mouth Press
    [ISBN-10: 1-56025-926-4] [trade pb] ($16.95)
    Apr 2007; 411 pp.
    [cover design: Justine Ives]
    • Introduction: An Epistle to the Curious (Michael Bishop)
    • The Man (Ray Bradbury)
    • Early Marvels (Romulus Linney)
    • Miriam (Michael Bishop, as by Nōni Tyent) *
    • Friends in High Places (Jack McDevitt) *
    • Behold the Man (Michael Moorcock)
    • Sequel on Skorpiós (Michael Bishop)
    • Shimabara (Karen Joy Fowler)
    • The Pale, Thin God (Mike Resnick)
    • The Inquisitor General (from The Brothers Karamazov) (Fyodor Dostoyevsky; adapted by Michael Bishop)
    • The Sin of Jesus (Isaac Babel)
    • The Detective of Dreams (Gene Wolfe)
    • The Gospel According to Mark (Jorge Luis Borges)
    • Ragman (Walter Wangerin, Jr.)
    • Christus Destitutus (Bud Webster)
    • Slow Dancing with Jesus (Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann)
    • On the Road to New Egypt (Jeffrey Ford)
    • Understanding Entropy (Barry Malzberg)
    • Murmur's Laws (Jack Slay, Jr.)
    • The Coming of Christ the Joker (George Zebrowski)
    • Passion (John M. Williams) *
    • Lignum Crucis (Paul Di Filippo) *
    • Touring JesusWorld (Gregory Frost)
    • Cross Carriers (Bruce Holland Rogers) *
    • A Cross of Centuries (Henry Kuttner)
    • The Selfish Giant (Oscar Wilde)
    • Recommended Reading List
      * Stories original to this anthology

    Passing for Human

    (edited with Steven Utley)

    Passing for Human, Regular Edition
    (Regular Edition)

    Passing for Human, Regular Edition
    (Deluxe Edition)
    Hornsea, UK: PS Publishing
    Sep 2009; x+253 pp.
    [cover artist: Jamie Bishop]
    • [ISBN 978-1-905834-22-8] [unjacketed hardcover edition, signed by the editors, and limited to 500 numbered copies] (£20.00)
    • [ISBN 978-1-905834-23-5] [jacketed and traycased edition, signed by the editors and all living contributors other than Ray Bradbury, and limited to 200 numbered copies] (£20.00)
    • Introduction: The Mask Behind the Face (Michael Bishop and Steven Utley)
    • The Other Celia (Theodore Sturgeon)
    • Mimic (Donald A. Wollheim)
    • The Man Upstairs (Ray Bradbury)
    • Neutrino Drag (Paul Di Filippo)
    • Nights at the Crimea (Jessica Reisman) *
    • The Reality Trip (Robert Silverberg)
    • Once (Jack Slay, Jr.) *
    • Linkage (Barry N. Malzberg)
    • Apprenticeship (Howard Waldrop)
    • Cooking Creole (A. M. Dellamonica)
    • Under the Hollywood Sign (Tom Reamy)
    • All the Kinds of Yes (James Tiptree, Jr.)
    • Judgment Call (John Kessel) *
    • A Spaceship Built of Stone (Lisa Tuttle)
    • Detectives and Cadavers (Jeff VanderMeer)
    • Sex and/or Mr. Morrison (Carol Emshwiller)
      * Stories original to this anthology

    Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins

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