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The Sacerdotal Owl
[13700 words]
  1. 13 Horrors (Brian A. Hopkins)
    • Kansas City MO: Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Apr 2003; pp. 101 - 144
      1. [ISBN 0-935128-03-4] [hardcover; signed and limited to 150 copies] ($75.00)
      2. [ISBN 0-935128-04-2] [trade pb; 650 copies] ($19.95)

  2. Weird Tales #335 (George Scithers & Darrell Schweitzer)
    [Radford VA: DNA Publications, ISSN 0898-5073], Mar-Apr 2004 ($5.95); pp. 40 - 58 [illustrated by George Barr]

  3. Weird Tales: Select Stories from Classic Issues: MP3 Edition (Fred Godsmark)
    • Audio Realms [ISBN 978-1-897331-26-2], Oct 2009 ($19.95); audiobook [read by Wayne June]

  4. The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales (MB), Aug 2018; pp. 15 - 51

The Samurai and the Willows
[17000 words]
[An "Urban Nucleus of Atlanta" story]
  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #297 (Edward L. Ferman)
    [Cornwall CT: Mercury Press], Feb 1976 ($1.00); pp. 5 - 45 [cover illustrated by Ron Walotsky]

  2. Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Sixth Annual Collection (Gardner Dozois)
    • New York: E. P. Dutton [ISBN 0-525-06495-8] [hc], Jul 1977; pp. 135 - 181
    • New York: Ace 05482 [ISBN 0-441-05482-X] [pb], Jun 1978 ($1.95); pp. 209 - 278

  3. [as Tod eines Samurai (Death of a Samurai)]
    [German translation by Birgit Ress-Bohusch]
    Tod eines Samurai (Manfred Kluge)
    • Munich: Heyne SF 3537 [ISBN 3-453-30430-6] [pb], 1977 (DM 3,80)

  4. [as De samoerai en de wilgen]
    [Dutch translation by Annemarie Kindt]
    De beste SF-verhalen van het jaar 1976 (Gardner Dozois)
    • Amsterdam: Elsevier SF [ISBN 90-10-02111-4] [pb], 1978

  5. Chapter Four of Catacomb Years (MB), Jan 1979; pp. 153 - 207

  6. [as Der Samurai und die Weiden]
    [German translation by Walter Brumm]
    Die Jahre in den Katakomben (MB), 1982; pp. 135 - 188

  7. [as Le samouraï et les saules]
    [French translation by Jacques Barret]
    Fiction #360 (Alain Dorémieux)
    [Paris: Editions Opta], Mar 1985 (32 FF); pp. 105 - 156

  8. [Japanese translation by Takao Miyawaki]
    S-F Magazine #329
    [Tokyo: Hayakawa Publishing Inc.], Sep 1985; pp. 218 - 260 [illustrated by Sumio Tsunoda]

  9. [as Samuraj i wierzby]
    [Polish translation by Anna Klimasara]
    Rakietowe szlaki tom 4 (Lech Jęczmyka and Wojtek Sedeńki)
    • Warsaw, Poland: Wydawnictwo Solaris [ISBN 978-83-7590-073-6] [hc], Jan 2012 (55,90 zł)

  10. The Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy (MB) (Michael H. Hutchins, ed.), Feb 2012; pp. 71 - 110

  11. The City and the Cygnets (MB), Aug 2019; pp. 117 - 155

Sariela: A Case Study in One Act

[see Spiritual Dysfunction and Counterangelic Longings]

Saving Face
[11300 words]
  1. Universe 10 (Terry Carr)
    • Garden City NY: Doubleday & Co. [ISBN 0-385-15477-1] [hc], Aug 1980 ($8.95); pp. 1 - 27
    • Garden City NY: Doubleday & Co. [book club edition] [hc], Oct 1980 ($2.49); pp. 1 - 27
    • London: Dennis Dobson [hc], 1981
    • New York: Kensington Publishing [Zebra Books] 1114 [ISBN 0-8217-1114-8] [pb], Nov 1982 ($2.50)

  2. [as Die Rettung der Gesichter]
    [German translation by Helga Brachmann]
    Science Fiction Story Reader 18 (Wolfgang Jeschke)
    • Munich: Heyne SF 3897 [ISBN 3-453-30820-4] [pb], 1982 (DM 7,80)

  3. One Winter in Eden (MB), Jan 1984; pp. 211 - 242

  4. [as Om ikke at tabe ansigt]
    [Danish translation by Niels Dalgaard]
    Med lidt hjælp fra vennerne (Carl-Eddy Skovgaard)
    • Copenhagen: Science Fiction Cirklen [ISBN 87-90592-05-0] [pb], 2001; pp. 43 - 87

Scrimptalon's Test
(written with Gerald W. Page)
[4200 words]
  1. Light Years and Dark (Michael Bishop)
    • New York: Berkley 07214 [ISBN 0-425-07214-2] [trade pb], Nov 1984 ($8.95); pp. 193 - 202

  2. Close Encounters with the Deity (MB), Aug 1986; pp. 169 - 182

Seasons of Belief
[3100 words]
  1. Shadows 2 (Charles L. Grant)
    • Garden City NY: Doubleday & Co. [ISBN 0-385-14320-6] [hc], Nov 1979 ($9.95); pp. 151 - 159
    • New York: Berkley 07194 [ISBN 0-425-07194-4] [pb], Oct 1984 ($2.95); pp. 151 - 159
    • New York: Berkley 08159 [ISBN 0-425-08159-1] [pb], Aug 1986 ($2.95); pp. 151 - 159

  2. One Winter in Eden (MB), Jan 1984; pp. 43 - 51

  3. [as Zeit zu glauben]
    [German translation by Rolf Jurkeit]
    Top Horror (Josh Pachter)
    • Munich: Heyne #11/20 [ISBN 3-453-44074-9] [pb], 1984; pp. 32 - 43

  4. [as Getijden van geloof]
    [Dutch translation]
    Top Horror (Josh Pachter)
    • Amsterdam: Loeb [ISBN 90-6213-584-6], 1985

  5. Tales from the Darkside [television series, Episode #59]
    A Laurel Entertainment Production
    Executive Producer: George A. Romero
    Directed by Michael McDowell
    Teleplay by Michael McDowell based on the story by Michael Bishop
    • Syndicated for broadcast, Dec 29, 1986
    • Tales from the Darkside, Volume One
      • Republic Studios [ASIN 6302891876] [videocassette], Aug 1996
        Re-released Jul 2000 ($9.98)

  6. [as Getijden van geloof]
    [Dutch translation]
    Kat uit de hel
    • Amsterdam: In Den Toren [ISBN 90-6474-882-4] [pb], 1994

  7. A Century of Horror 1970-1979 (David Drake & Martin H. Greenberg)
    • New York: MJF Books [ISBN 1-56731-157-1] [hc], Jan 1997 ($9.98); pp. 334 - 342

  8. 100 Fiendish Little Frightmares (Stefan Dziemianowicz, Robert Weinberg & Martin H. Greenberg)
    • New York: Barnes and Noble Books [ISBN 0-7607-0144-X] [hc], Oct 1997 ($7.98); pp. 422 - 428

  9. [as Getijden van geloof]
    [Dutch translation]
    Kat uit de hel
    • Amsterdam: HMP [hc], 1999

Sequel on Skorpiós
[1300 words]

The year 1996 was my first as writer-in-residence at LaGrange College, a Methodist-affiliated liberal-arts institution twenty miles north of Pine Mountain.  On the recommendation of friend and colleague John Kessel, author of Good News from Outer Space and Corrupting Dr. Nice, among other titles, I used Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft by Janet Burroway as my creative-writing text.  Late in the course, I asked my students to do an assignment from Burroway requiring them to write a story in which one of their most cherished beliefs proves untrue.  As I had done on every other assignment, I wrote my own such story, “Sequel on Skorpiós.”  I like this brief story a lot, but honesty requires me to confess that it both accepts and sidesteps Burroway’s challenge.  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

  1. Interzone #134 (David Pringle)
    [Brighton UK: Interzone, ISSN 0264-3596], Aug 1998 (£3.00); pp. 16 - 17

  2. Dark Regions & Horror Magazine #13 (Joe Morey, Ken Wisman & Jordan Stoen)
    [Concord CA: Dark Regions Press], Sum 1999 ($4.95); pp. 31 - 33

  3. The Official Michael Bishop Website (Michael H. Hutchins)
    Online Publication, Jan 2001

  4. Brighten to Incandescence (MB), Jun 2003; pp. 89 - 92

  5. A Cross of Centuries (Michael Bishop)
    • New York: Thunder's Mouth Press [1-56025-926-4] [trade pb], Apr 2007 ($16.95); pp. 113-117

A Short History of the Bicycle: 401 B.C. to 2677 A.D.
[5200 words]
  1. Interfaces (Ursula K. Le Guin & Virginia Kidd)
    • New York: Ace 37092 [ISBN 0-441-37092-6] [trade pb], Feb 1980 ($5.95); pp. 97 - 113
    • New York: Ace 37093 [ISBN 0-441-37093-4] [pb], Oct 1980 ($2.50); pp. 97 - 113

  2. [as Kleine Geschichte des Fahrrads (401 v.Chr. - 2677 A.D.)]
    [German translation by Sylvia Pukallus]
    Kopernikus 7 (Hans Joachim Alpers)
    • Rastatt: Moewig SF 3587 [ISBN 3-8118-3587-4] [pb], 1982 (DM 6,80); pp. 150 - 166

  3. [as Das Fahrrad - Ein kurzer geschichtlicher Abriss von 401 v.Chr. bis 2677 n.Chr.]
    [German translation by Birgit Ress-Bohusch]
    Grenzflächen (Ursula K. Le Guin & Virginia Kidd)
    • Munich: Heyne SF 4175 [ISBN 3-453-31140-X] [pb], 1985 (DM 8,80); pp. 105 - 121

  4. Close Encounters with the Deity (MB), Aug 1986; pp. 139 - 154

Simply Indispensable
[18500 words]

"Simply Indispensable" arose from my perception that not a few people — myself shamefully included? — find the idea of self-extinction less menacing than they do the notion that the universe will proceed just fine without them.  They desire immortality less than they do a taste of cosmic indispensability.  These thoughts triggered the hypothesis of alien energy beings — Joe Way and the su’lakle — whose “recurrent key observations at the quantum level” sustain the entire cosmos.  Michael Morrison, whom I met at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Florida in 1994, gave me good-humored advice and the straight skinny about quantum physics, even bestowing upon me a textbook that he had written.  Thus, I dedicated the story to him; here, I absolve him of any scientific errors that it may commit.  (Incidentally, the name su’lakle derives from that of an indispensable sf-and-fantasy writer, and my decision to use a Levantine setting predates our attack-inspired preoccupation with matters Islamic and apocalyptic.)  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

  1. Full Spectrum 5 (Jennifer Hershey, Tom Dupree & Janna Silverstein)
    • New York: Bantam Spectra 37400 [ISBN 0-553-37400-1] [trade pb], Aug 1995 ($14.95); pp. 1 - 29
    • New York: Bantam Spectra 57522 [ISBN 0-553-57522-8] [pb], Sep 1996 ($6.50); pp. 1 - 34

  2. Brighten to Incandescence (MB), Jun 2003; pp. 216 - 248

Snapshots from the Butterfly Plague
[7200 words]

Jodi-Marie Woznicki and her boyfriend bicycle cross-country to Hollywood in order to fulfill Jodi-Marie's dream of becoming a movie star.  Also descending on Southern California are swarms of carnivorous butterflies.

  1. Omni (Ellen Datlow)
    [New York: Omni Publications International Ltd., ISSN 0149--8711], Dec 1990 ($3.50); pp. 50 - 58 + 116 - 117

  2. The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual (Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling)
    • New York: St. Martin's Press, Jul 1991; pp. 496 - 509
      1. [ISBN 0-312-06005-X] [hc] ($27.95)
      2. [ISBN 0-312-06007-6] [trade pb] ($14.95)

  3. At the City Limits of Fate (MB), Aug 1996; pp. 29 - 48

  4. [as Instantáneas de la plaga de mariposas]
    [Spanish (Castilian) translation by Maria Fernandez Gutierrez]
    En los suburbios del destino (MB), Jun 2010, pp. 33 - 49

Spacemen and Gypsies
[5100 words]

A man awakens to find that a caravan of gypsies has set up camp on the edge of his property that lies adjacent to the desert.  An extremely old man who is keeping watch relates to him the story of how the gypsies came to be there; from their trek across Europe where they were harrassed by the locals, to their decision to journey where they believed they could be unharmed — the moon.

In a cover letter to Ed Ferman I described "Spacemen and Gypsies" as a "parable about the conflict between technology and art" (I was twenty-five), to which highfalutin characterization Ed responded, "I don't want parables; I want stories."  But he bought it anyway.  The astronauts in the story hijacked my imagination by way of television coverage of the Apollo moon missions, while my East European vagabonds held me at knife point via a magical painting by Henri Rousseau entitled The Sleeping Gypsy.  Looking back, then, I can see that the conflict was not so much between technology and art — which, after all, need not be in conflict — as between the cool black-and-white of our most popular electronic medium and the fresh technicolor palette of an eccentric French primitive.  I am not antiastronaut, merely propolychrome. — from Preface to Blooded on Arachne

  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #244 (Edward L. Ferman)
    [Cornwall CT: Mercury Press], Sep 1971 ($.60); pp. 68 - 78

  2. [Japanese translation by Hisashi Asakura]
    S-F Magazine #198
    [Tokyo: Hayakawa Publishing Inc.], May 1975; pp. 157 - 168 [illustrated by Keizou Iwabuchi]

  3. [as Gens de l'espace et du voyage]
    [French translation by René Lathière]
    Fiction #236 (Alain Dorémieux)
    [Paris: Editions Opta], Aug 1973 (5 F); pp. 53 - 68

  4. Blooded on Arachne (MB), Jan 1982; pp. 252 - 265

  5. [as Raumfahrer und Sternzigeuner]
    [German translation by Johannes R. Blasius]
    Raumfahrer und Sternzigeuner (MB), Nov 1983; pp. 84 - 98

Spiritual Dysfunction and Counterangelic Longings;
or, Sariela: A Case Study in One Act
[4500 words]

Raphael arranges a meeting with his fellow angel Hashmal in a bar in Ackley, Georgia, to discuss a problem concerning Sariela, a guardian angel.  As a result of her latest assignment, Sariela is having disturbing thoughts about sex.

  1. Heaven Sent: 18 Glorious Tales of the Angels (Peter Crowther)
    • New York: DAW Books UE2656 [ISBN 0-88677-656-2] [#987] [pb], May 1995 ($5.50); pp. 136 - 154
    • London: Penguin [Signet Creed] 118445 [ISBN 0-45-118445-9] [pb], Oct 1995 (£4.99); pp. 109 - 126

  2. [as Sariela; or, Spiritual Dysfunction & Counterangelic Longings: A Case Study in One Act]
    Visitants (Stephen Jones)
    • Berkeley CA: Ulysses Press [ISBN 978-1-56975-838-0] [trade pb], Nov 2010 ($14.95); pp. 278 - 294

  3. [as Sariela; ili Disfunkcija i Želanija, Protivnye Prirode Angelov: Psihologičeskij Portret v Odnom Akte]
    [Russian translation]
    Sošedšie s nebes (Stephen Jones)
    • Moscow, Russia: Eksmo [ISBN 978-5-699-66003-2] [trade pb], 2013; pp. 281 - 297

A Spy in the Domain of Arnheim
[6500 words]

A man awakens in an elegant but spartan Old World hotel room, and is not sure whether he is a tourist or a spy.

  1. Pictures at an Exhibition (Ian Watson)
    • Cardiff, Wales UK: Greystoke Mobray Ltd. [ISBN 0-906901-02-2] [pb], Nov 1981 (£1.25); pp. 29 - 49 [illustrated by Pete Lyon]
    • San Bernadino CA: Borgo Press [ISBN 0-8095-6107-7] [unknown], 1987 [Note: a copy of this has never been seen by the bibliographer, but it is listed on OCLC (17106113). The page count and page size indicates that it may be a re-binding of the the original paperback edition.]

  2. Shayol #7 (Pat Cadigan)
    [Overland Park KS: Flight Unlimited], Nov 1985 ($4.50); pp. 11 - 15 [illustrated by Arnie Fenner]

  3. Close Encounters with the Deity (MB), Aug 1986; pp. 43 - 62

  4. Infinity Plus One (Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers)
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  5. Infinity Plus (Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers)
    • Nottingham, UK: Solaris [ISBN 978-1-84416-489-9] [trade pb], July 2007 (£9.99); pp. 189 - 209

Storming the Bijou, Mon Amour
[4900 words]

"The world and its central valley were called Pit.  In this valley lived the despised grounglings of the omnipotent Count De Mille.  The Pittites were ordinary human beings who made their livings in resolute peasant fashion, watching the endless round of motion pictures that Count De Mille showed in the open windows of the Castle Bijou."

  1. Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine #16 (George H. Scithers)
    [New York: Davis Publications, ISSN 0162-2188], Jun 1979 ($1.25); pp. 42 - 56 [illustrated by Linda Miller]

  2. [Japanese translation by Mariko Sakawa]
    SF Hoseki #2
    [Tokyo: Ko-Bun-Sha], Oct 1979; pp. 188 - 200

  3. [as Asaltaremos el castillo, mon amour]
    [Spanish translation by Silvia Tarditti]
    Isaac Asimov Magazine #1
    [Barcelona: Planeta - De Agostini], Jun 1986; pp. 42 - 56

  4. Close Encounters with the Deity (MB), Aug 1986; pp. 73 - 89

  5. The Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy (MB) (Michael H. Hutchins, ed.), Feb 2012; pp. 163 - 174

  6. Unconventional Fantasy: A Celebration of Forty Years of the World Fantasy Convention, Volume 1 (Peggy Rae Sapienza, Jean Marie Ward, Bill Campbell, and Sam Lubell)
    • Washington DC: Baltimore Washington Area Worldcon Association, Inc. [no ISBN] [ebook (EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats issued on thumb drive)], November 2014 (free for members of the 2014 World Fantasy Convention); pp. 303 - 319

Taccati's Tomorrow
[5800 words]
  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #421 (Edward L. Ferman)
    [Cornwall CT: Mercury Press, ISSN 0024-984X], Jun 1986 ($1.75); pp. 142 - 155

  2. [as Le rendez-vous de Taccati]
    [French translation by Jean-Louis Pias]
    Fiction #381 (Alain Dorémieux)
    [Paris: Editions Opta], Dec 1986 (32 FF); pp 113 - 131

  3. [as Begegnung mit Taccati]
    [German translation by Michael Windgassen]
    Die Wildnis einer großen Stadt [Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #76] (Ronald M. Hahn)
    • Munich: Heyne SF 4438 [ISBN 3-453-00468-X] [pb], 1987

  4. [as La lezione]
    [Italian translation by Carlo Dionedi]
    Millemondiestate 1988
    • Milan: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore [Millemondi 33], Jun 1988 (Lire 8.000); pp. 79 - 85

  5. Emphatically Not SF, Almost (MB), Dec 1990; pp. 85 - 102

  6. The Door Gunner and Other Perilous Flights of Fancy (MB) (Michael H. Hutchins, ed.), Feb 2012; pp. 241 - 253

A Tapestry of Little Murders
[5000 words]

When Peter Mazarek learns that he is dying of cancer, he kills his wife and flees in his automobile.  He blames her for all the things that was wrong in his life, because he had to take a demoralizing job selling farm equipment for her father.  During the road trip, small animals (frogs, mockingbirds, kangaroo rats) seem to deliberately fling themselves into the path of his on-coming car, and with each death the pain of his cancer diminishes.

Even in 1970, I had long wanted to write a psychological horror story with the kind of intricate and haunting pattern evident in the late British writer A. E. Coppard’s "Arabesque: The Mouse".  Coppard first drew my attention in a thick blue trade paperback from Simon & Schuster called Reading I’ve Liked edited by Clifton Fadiman.  In Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the early 1960s, I bought this 908-page doorstop in its thirteenth printing for $2.25. 
"A Tapestry of Little Murders" does not rival "Arabesque: The Mouse" in either style or concision, but I still like it for its presumption, and I’ve revised it a little.  When I submitted the story to Edward Ferman at Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1970, I did so without using quotation marks to indicate dialogue.  Ed added them to keep from irking or confusing anyone, but I have never thought dialogue without quotation marks, if skillfully done, irksome or perplexing, and so I have restored their . . . absence.  Besides "Tapestry"”, I shaped and sold seven stories while a commissioned instructor of English at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School near Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #241 (Edward L. Ferman)
    [Cornwall CT: Mercury Press], Jun 1971 ($.60); pp. 117 - 127

  2. [as Un tissu de petits meurtres]
    [French translation by Denise Hersant]
    Fiction #230 (Alain Dorémieux)
    [Paris: Editions Opta], Feb 1973 (5 F); pp. 85 - 99

  3. Midnight (Charles L. Grant)
    • New York: Tor [Tom Doherty Associates] 51850 [ISBN 0-812-51850-0] [pb], Feb 1985 ($2.95); pp. 244 - 260

  4. [as Pienet murhat]
    [Finnish translation by Jari Niittylä]
    Outoja tarinoita 6 (Markku Sadelehto)
    • Helsinki: Kustannus Oy Jalava [ISBN 951-887-034-9] [pb], Mar 1994

  5. [revised]
    Brighten to Incandescence (MB), Jun 2003; pp. 134 - 145

[2600 words]
  1. The Chattahoochee Review, Vol. VIII No. 1 (Lamar York)
    [Dunwoody GA: Dekalb College, ISSN 0741-9155], Fall 1987 ($3.50); pp. 1 - 6

  2. PhilCon 90 Program Book
    [Philadelphia PA: Philadelphia Science Fiction Society], Nov 16 1990

  3. Emphatically Not SF, Almost (MB), Dec 1990; pp. 61 - 68

The Testimony of Leland Tanner
[1000 words]
[An "Urban Nucleus of Atlanta" story]
  1. Interlude in Catacomb Years (MB), Jan 1979; pp. 61 - 64
    [title misprinted as "The Testimony of Leland Turner" in the Table of Contents of both US editions]

  2. [as Das Zeugnis des Leland Tanner]
    [German translation by Walter Brumm]
    Die Jahre in den Katakomben (MB), 1982; pp. 47 - 50

Thirteen Lies About Hummingbirds
[6500 words]

An Atlanta advertising executive with a reputation as a ladies man, makes the moves on a co-worker.  The wooing involves an elaborate game of inventing lies about hummingbirds.  Only after meeting her blind father and his stuffed seeing-eye dog, does the man realize just how far she will go to continue the relationship.

I wrote “Thirteen Lies About Hummingbirds” in 1990 or ’91 for Charles L. Grant’s anthology Final Shadows.  The first two Shadows volumes had contained my stories "Mory" and "Seasons of Belief," respectively, and I did not want to miss out on an appearance in this valedictory collection.  The title comes — obviously, I suppose — from the famous Wallace Stevens poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”  As in "A Tapestry of Little Murders," I tried to weave a series of anxiety-inducing events into a strange but evocative pattern.  Today I believe that “Thirteen Lies” almost works, and I fret about its falling just shy of elegance.  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

  1. Final Shadows (Charles L. Grant)
    • New York: Doubleday [A Foundation Book], Sep 1991; pp. 143 - 161
      1. [ISBN 0-385-24732-X] [hc] ($20.00)
      2. [ISBN 0-385-24646-3] [trade pb] ($12.00)

  2. Brighten to Incandescence (MB), Jun 2003; pp. 3 - 18

Three Dream Woman
(written with Craig Strete)
[4200 words]

Zared, Jarmster, and Melyna, a triad of Bowlcove 9, on the Kansas-Oklahoma perimeter of Wichitopolis, are seeking a new Androlacrum.  They have given the computer at the HeDonStitute the specific qualities that each desire for their new companion.  Zared especially wants a native, but is not prepared for the results. an Amerind female who has named herself Three Dream Woman.

  1. New Dimensions 8 (Robert Silverberg)
    • New York: Harper & Row [ISBN 0-06-013792-4] [hc], Apr 1978 ($9.95); pp. 135 - 147

  2. [as Le Femme aux trois rêves]
    [French translation by Monique Lebailly]
    Territoires du tendre (Yves Fremion)
    • Paris: Denoël (Présence du futur #335) [ISBN 2-207-30335-7] [pb]; Jan 1982; pp. 201 - 218

  3. Dreams That Burn in the Night (Craig Strete)
    • Garden City NY: Doubleday & Co. [ISBN 0-385-17188-9] [hc], Jul 1982 ($10.95); pp. 108 - 118
    • Golden CO: ReAnimus Press [ISBN 978-1-5412-3124-5] [trade pb], Dec 2016 ($12.99); [ebook] ($3.99) pp. 145 - 158

Three Dreams in the Wake of a Death
[1600 words]

Lawson has three dreams about his late father.

  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #542 (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
    [West Cornwall CT: Mercury Press, ISSN 0024-984X], Jul 1996 ($2.95); pp. 47 - 51

The Tigers of Hysteria Feed Only on Themselves
[7000 words]

A retired soldier returns from Southeast Asia to his stepfather's farm with a young man, whom he plans to adopt.  Only after a series of animal mutilations have occurred on the neighboring farms does the farmer become suspicious about how the war and its environment may have affected his son.

I wrote "The Tigers of Hysteria Feed Only on Themselves", my tenth sale, in 1973 in a drafty clapboard rental house in Athens, Georgia.  I recall little about the writing other than that it came quickly and that I could not avoid structuring it as a parable about our self-destructive involvement in Vietnam.  It appeared in F&SF in early 1974, well over a year before the North Vietnamese army captured Saigon, but I claim no rare insight or prescience.  The war had seemed endless, if not altogether lost, as far back as the Tet Offensive of 1968.  My father, nicknamed "Sonny", and my step-grandfather, Cody Philyaw, provided the templates for Sonny and Trapper Catlaw, whose monikers still evoke the men for me.  (Both died over a decade ago.)  My setting, an isolated farm in Arkansas, also derives from family history.  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

  1. Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction #272 (Edward L. Ferman)
    [Cornwall CT: Mercury Press], Jan 1974 ($.75); pp. 118 - 133
    [as The Tigers of Hysteria on the contents page]

  2. [as Les tigres de l'hystérie ne se nourissent que d'eux-mémes]
    [French translation by Daniel Lemoine]
    Fiction #310 (Alain Dorémieux)
    [Paris: Editions Opta], Jul/Aug 1980 (18 F); pp. 50 - 71

  3. [revised]
    Brighten to Incandescence (MB), Jun 2003; pp. 172 - 185


[1600 words]
  1. Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Stanley Schmidt)
    [New York: Dell Magazines, ISSN 1059-2113], Nov 2000 ($3.50); pp. 59 - 61

  2. [as Vyershina tsivilizatsii]
    [Russian translation by L. Shshyokotova]
    Esli #106 (Alexander Shalganov)
    [Moscow, Russia: Lubimaya kniga], Dec 2001; pp. 87 - 92

  3. Escape Pod (Steve Eley)
    [Escape Artists, Inc.] (online), Jun 2009; [link]
    (read by John Meagher)

Tithes of Mint and Rue
[6000 words]

[This story] evolved from another editorial challenge.  This time Edward E. Kramer invited me to write a story based on a character in the sculpture of a mysterious Ferris wheel by artist Lisa Snellings.  I watched a video of Lisa’s remarkable kinetic sculpture, chose the fat lady as my character, and, once I began writing, sent her by bus from Abnegation, Alabama, to Festivity, Iowa, to meet a redemptive strangeness.  — from Afterword to Brighten to Incandescence

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To the Land of Snow

(see Twenty Lights to 'The Land of Snow')

Twenty Lights to 'The Land of Snow'
[22000 words]
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Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins

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