Under Heaven's Bridge
(written with Ian Watson)


A multinational expedtion has landed, from their orbiting starship, Heavensbridge, on the planet Onogoro, a cold and dour world circling one star of a binary pair.  Their objective is to investigate a strange alien race, known to the human visitors as the Kybers.  These aliens, dwelling in a great network of ruined palaces, are partly biological creatures and partly machine, with the ability to switch themselves off at will, thus appearing to "die" periodically.

The expedition's linguist, a beautiful Japanese, and the impulsive Andrik Norn, aspiring specialist in alien behaviour, are together drawn into a fierce know of passion and ultimate betrayal as they struggle to understand the strange origin and motives of the aliens -- which, if true, could shatter humanity's concept of the universe.  Meanwhile, other expedition scientists discover that the Kybers' sun is soon to blaze up in a nova.  Yet the Kybers. when told this are not alarmed . . .
[From the flyleaf of the Readers Union edition]

To Greg Benford

Under Heaven's Bridge, First EditionLondon: Gollancz
[ISBN 0-575-02927-7] [hc] (£6.95),
Feb 1981; 159 pp.
[no cover art]
Under Heaven's Bridge, UK Book Club EditionNewton Abbot UK: Readers Union [Science Fiction Book Club, New Series: Volume 2, Issue 14]
[no ISBN] [hc]
1981; 159 pp.
[cover: unidentified]
Under Heaven's Bridge, First American Edition / Don PunchatzNew York: Ace
[ISBN 0-441-84481-2] [pb] ($2.50),
Apr 1982; 198 pp.
[cover: Don Punchatz]
[There was also an undated second printing, with the same ISBN and price]
Under Heaven's Bridge, First British Paperback / artist unidentifiedLondon: Corgi
[ISBN 0-552-12031-6] [pb] (£1.50),
Sep 1982; 160 pp.
[cover: unidentified]
Under Heaven's Bridge, First Japanese Edition / Naoyuki Kato[as Dekusutoro II sesshoku]
[Japanese translation by Mamoru Masuda]

Tokyo: Tokyo Sogensha Co.
[ISBN 4-488-69501-9] [pb] (¥ 380),
Oct 1988; 260 pp.
[cover: Naoyuki Kato]

Under Heaven's Bridge, First Italian Edition / Franco Brambilla[as Il mistero dei Kyber]
[Italian translation by Vittorio Curtoni]

Milan: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore (Urania 1431)
[ISSN 1120-5288] [pb] (€ 3,55),
Jan 2002; 218 pp.
[cover: Franco Brambilla]

Under Heaven's Bridge, Gateway Ebook Edition / Don PunchatzLondon: Gateway/Orion
[ISBN 978-0-575-11446-3] [ebook] (3.99, reissued as 2.99),
Sep 2011


A Little Knowledge and Catacomb Years form the Urban Nucleus of Atlanta [UrNu] sequence.  A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire and Under Heaven's Bridge are tangential to this series.

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins