Would It Kill You to Smile?
(written with Paul Di Filippo)


When second-rate ventriloquist Skipper Keats dies of a heart attack at his comedy club, Skipper's son Will learns of the bizarre codicil to his father's will: Skipper has requested that he be buried with Dapper O'Dell, his favorite dummy.  But after the funeral, and after Dapper visits Will in a dream, Will realizes that the grave is not, after all, the appropriate resting-place for this very valuable piece of teakwood.  Will's surreptitious exhuming of the coffin reveals a new surprise, someone has beaten him to it.  The dummy is gone, and the mystery is afoot.

For Ginger's mom & the Gurley Drive Kid
in memory of Ross

Would It Kill You to Smile?, 1st Edition / David Turner] Atlanta: Longstreet Press
[ISBN 1-56352-511-9] [hc] ($22.00),
Sep 1998; 240 pp.
[cover: David Turner]

Note: published as by "Philip Lawson"
Families Are Murder?, 1st Omnibus Edition / oiva design group] Holicong PA: PointBlank Press
[ISBN 1-930997-93-0] [trade paperback] ($21.95),
Jan 2005; 352 pp
[cover: oiva design group]

Note: published as by "Philip Lawson"; also includes Muskrat Courage


Would It Kill You To Smile? is the first novel in the Will Keats Mysteries series, followed by Muskrat Courage

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins