Who Made Stevie Crye?


For Mary Stevenson Crye, a beautiful young housewife, life had been wonderful.  Loving husband, two delightful children, meaningful existence in a small Southern community.  Then it all fell apart: with the sudden, unexpected death of her husband, Stevie must struggle to earn a living as a free-lance writer.  When her typewriter—the sole economic support for her surviving family—breaks down, Stevie begins to receive demonic messages through the machine, the prelude to a living nightmare of satanic emissaries, ghouls from beyond the grave, and the revelation of an unrequited curse over the Crye household.  For Mary Stevenson Crye, the nightmare is about to begin . . . .
[From the flyleaf of the Arkham House edition]

For Jim Turner

Seeking to contrive a way both to have one's cake and to eat it is undubitably a shameful activity; but human, too, I fear, so very, very human.
A. H. H. Lipscombe

A Novel of the American South

  Who Made Stevie Crye?, First Edition / Glennray Tutor Sauk City WI: Arkham House
[ISBN 0-087054-099-8] [hc] ($15.95),
Sep 1984; 309 pp.
[cover: Glennray Tutor; interior illustrations: J. K. Potter]
La Machine Infernale , First French Edition / Nicholas Leser [as La Machine Infernale]
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[ISBN 0-7472-3043-9] [trade pb] (£4.95),
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[cover and interior illustrations: J. K. Potter]

[Note: photographic reprint of the Arkham House edition]

Die Alpträume der Stevie Crye, 1st German Edition / Andreas Reiner [as Die Alpträume der Stevie Crye]
[German translation by Irene Bonhorst]

Munich: Heyne (#4810)
[ISBN 3-453-04999-3] [pb] (DM 12.80),
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[cover: Andreas Reiner]

Who Made Stevie Crye?, Gateway Ebook Edition London: Gateway/Orion
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[ISBN 978-1-62579-329-4] [ebook] ($6.00),
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Who Made Stevie Crye?, 1st Japanese Edition [as Dare ga sutīvu~i Kurai o tsukutta no ka?]
[Japanese translation by Kazuko Onoda]

Tokyo: Kokushokankōkai
[ISBN 978-4-336-06062-4] [trade pb] (¥2,860),
Nov 2017; 444 pp.
[cover: ]


Who Made Stevie Crye? incorporates the short story "The Monkey's Bride".

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins