Stolen Faces


Muphormosy, a disease not unlike leprosy, has ravaged the first settlers on the planet Tezcatl.  Generations later, their similarly emaciated descendents live in a compound where they are isolated from the planet's normal inhabitants.

The new kommissar of the compound, Lucian Yeardance, cares for his charges and alleviates their suffering with the narcotic heartsease.  Despite the open revulsion the normal inhabitants show for the maimed men and women, Lucian determines to find out what the dread disease really is.  Still, he is unprepared for the appalling discovery he makes: except for the open lesions and missing limbs and digits, not one of the muphormers shows a sign of any disease.
[From the flyleaf of the Harper & Row edition]

For Jeri & Jamie & Stef & the house in Pine Mountain

Stolen Faces, First Edition / Jonathan Weld New York: Harper & Row
[ISBN 0-06-010362-0] [hc] ($7.95),
Mar 1977; 176 pp.
[cover: Jonathan Weld]
Stolen Faces, First British Edition London: Gollancz
[ISBN 0-575-02285-X] [hc] (£3.75),
Jul 1977; 176 pp.
[no cover art]

[Note: a photographic reprint of the Harper & Row edition]

Stolen Faces / First Paperback Edition / Steve Hickman New York: Dell
[ISBN 0-440-18328-6] [pb] ($1.50),
Jul 1978; 207 pp.
[cover: Steve Hickman]
Gestohlene Gesichter, 1st German Edition / Patrick Woodroffe [as Gestohlene Gesichter]
[German translation by Joachim Pente]

Munich: Heyne (#3654)
[ISBN 3-453-30568-X] [pb] (DM 4.80),
1979; 224 pp.
[cover: Patrick Woodroffe]

Stolen Faces / artist unidentified London: Sphere
[ISBN 0-7221-1681-0] [pb] (95p),
Oct 1979; 158 pp.
[cover: unidentified]
Stolen Faces / [as Visages volés]
[French translation by Thibaud Eliroff]

Paris: Gallimard (Folio SF #230)
[ISBN 2-07-030833-2] [pb] (6,20 €),
Nov 2005; 288 pp.
[cover: Benjamin Carré]

Stolen Faces, Gateway Ebook Edition London: Gateway/Orion
[ISBN 978-0-575-12293-2] [ebook] (£2.99),
Sep 2011; reissued May 2013


Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins