Unicorn Mountain


Unicorn Mountain is the story of four people whose lives are transformed by a band of unicorns.  Each one of them is enmeshed in the grinding anxieties of daily life:  Libby Quarrels is a divorced rancher in the Colorado mountains, just getting by, and unsure about how to react to the fact that she sometimes sees unicorns up in the high valley; Bo Gavin is an Atlanta adman who is gay and has AIDS, who has no one to turn to until Libby takes him in; Sam Coldpony, a Ute Indian and Libby's ranch hand, is estranged from his wife and daughter and has an uncomfortable feeling that he deserves supernatural punishment; Paisley Coldpony, Sam's daughter, is literally haunted by her mother, a recent suicide, and feels the call to become the true shaman of her tribe -- a big burden for a teenager in a small-town high school.  And then there are the unicorns.

For Jeri, whose love sustains

Unicorn Mountain, First Edition / Bryn Barnard New York: Arbor House / William Morrow
[ISBN 0-87795-953-6] [hc] ($18.95),
Jun 1988; 367 pp.
[cover: Bryn Barnard]
Unicorn Mountain, Book Club Edition / Bryn Barnard New York: Arbor House / William Morrow
[book club edition published by Doubleday]
[no ISBN] [hc] ($7.98),
Nov 1988; 406 pp.
[cover: Bryn Barnard]
Unicorn Mountain, First Paperback Edition / John Jinks New York: Bantam Spectra
[ISBN 0-553-27904-1] [pb] ($4.95),
Jul 1989; 418 pp.
[cover: John Jinks]

[Note: published as a "Spectra Special Edition"]

Unicorn Mountain, First British Edition / Steve Crisp London: Grafton
Aug 1989; 348 pp.
[cover: Steve Crisp]
  • [hardcover] [ISBN 0-246-13462-3] (£12.95)
  • [trade pb] [ISBN 0-246-13465-8] (£7.95)
Unicorn Mountain, British Paperback / Steve Crisp London: Grafton
[ISBN 0-586-20617-5] [pb] (£4.50),
Aug 1990; 495 pp.
[cover: Steve Crisp]
Die Einhorn-Berge, 1st German Edition / Dieter Rottermund [as Die Einhorn-Berge]
[German translation by Ingrid Herrmann]

Munich: Heyne (#4788)
[ISBN 3-453-04511-4] [pb] (DM 16.80),
Apr 1991; 510 pp.
[cover: Dieter Rottermund]

Unicorn Mountain, 1st e-book / Cory and Catska Ench North Bend WA: ElectricStory.com
[ISBN 1-930815-21-2] [RocketEdition e-book] ($7.99)
[ISBN 1-930815-20-4] [Microsoft Reader e-book] ($7.99)
[ISBN 1-930815-44-1] [Mobipocket e-book] ($7.99),
Jul 2000; 390 pp.
[cover: Cory and Catska Ench]
Unicorn Mountain, Author's Prefered Text Edition / Patrick Swenson [revised]

Bonney Lake WA: Kudzu Planet Productions / Fairwood Press
[ISBN 978-1-933846-94-1] [trade pb] ($18.99),
Jul 2020; 349 pp.
[cover: Patrick Swenson]


An excerpt from Unicorn Mountain was pre-published as "The Calling of Paisley Coldpony"

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins