La Revue des Ambassadeurs

A Nightclub Revue
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Program Title: Troisieme Ambassadeurs - Show of 1928
Also known as "In the Old Days and Today"

Opened May 10, 1928 at the Ambassadeurs Cafe, Paris
Directed by Bobby Connolly
Produced by Edmond Sayag


Buster and John West, Fred Waring's Orchestra, Evelyn Hoey, Mary Leigh, Carter Wardell, Morton Downey, Katheryn Ray, Frances Gershwin, the Pearson Brothers, Eleanor Shaler, Basil Howes, Muriel Harrisson, and the Three Eddies

Musical Numbers

  • "Keep Moving" - Muriel Harrisson
  • "The Lost Liberty Blues" - Evelyn Hoey
  • "Omnibus" [revised as "Do You Want to See Paris?" in Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Eleanor Shaler, Jack Pearson and Ensemble
  • "Pilot Me" - Muriel Harrisson, Carter Wardell and Ensemble
  • "In a Moorish Garden" - Morton Downey
  • "Almiro" - Basil Howes
  • "You and Me" - Mary Leigh and Basil Howes
  • "Fish" - Carter Wardell
  • "Military Maids" - Evelyn Hoey and Ensemble
  • "Blue Hours" [originally written for Paris] - Morton Downey
  • "Alpine Rose" - Eleanor Shaler
  • "Gershwin Specialty" - Frances Gershwin
  • "Boulevard Break" - Frances Gershwin, the Pearson Brothers and Ensemble
  • "Hans" - Katheryn Ray, Jack Pearson and Ensemble
  • "Baby, Let's Dance" - Buster West and Ensemble
  • "An Old-Fashioned Girl" - Basil Howes and Ensemble
  • "An Old-Fashioned Boy" - Mary Leigh and Ensemble
  • "Fountain of Youth" - Buster West and Ensemble

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