Anything Goes

1956 Film Version

Anything Goes (1956 film)  [poster]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
[with new songs by Sammy Cahn and James van Heusen]
Screenplay by Sidney Sheldon, based on the play by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse

A Paramount Pictures Release
(1956; 106 minutes; Color)
Produced by Robert Emmett Dolan
Directed by Robert M. Lewis
Cinematography by John F. Warren
Costumes by Edith Head
Choreography by Nick Castle
Orchestra directed by Joseph Lilley


Bing Crosby (Bill Benson), Donald O'Connor (Ted Adams), Mitzi Gaynor (Patsy Blair), Phil Harris (Steve Blair), Zizi "Renée" Jeanmaire (Gaby Duval), Kurt Kasznar (Victor Lawrence), Richard Entman (Ed Brent) and Walter Sande (Alex Todd)

Musical Numbers

Written by Cole Porter

  • "I Get a Kick Out of You"
  • "Anything Goes"
  • "You're the Top"
  • "Blow, Gabriel, Blow"
  • "It's De-lovely"
  • "All Through the Night"

Anything Goes, 1956 Film Soundtrack

Soundtrack Recordings

  • 45 RPM (EP), 1956 [Decca ED 845]
  • LP (mono), 1956 [Decca DL 8318]
  • LP, 19?? [DRG/Stet DS 15025]
  • Selections [Porter songs in bold]

    • "Ya Gotta Give the People Hoke" - Crosby and O'Connor
    • "Anything Goes" - Gaynor
    • "I Get a Kick Out of You" - Jeanmaire
    • "You're the Top" - Crosby and Gaynor
    • "Dream Ballet" (Based on "Let's Do It" and "All Through the Night"; Arranged by Van Cleeve)
    • "It's De-lovely" - Gaynor and O'Connor
    • "All Through the Night" - Crosby
    • "A Second Hand Turban and a Crystal Ball" - Crosby and O'Connor
    • "You Can Bounce Right Back" - O'Connor
    • "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" - Crosby, O'Connor, Gaynor, Jeanmaire

    Anything Goes, 1956 Film Soundtrack

    Compact Disc Release with Bonus Tracks
    Includes all of the above tracks plus three songs from the soundtrack of the 1936 film version of Anything Goes and sung by Bing Crosby.  None were written by Cole Porter.

  • Compact Disc, 2004 [Decca Broadway 193302]
    • "Sailor Beware"
    • "My Heart and I"
    • "Moonburn"

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