2004 Encores! Concert Production

Can-Can [Encores!]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Abe Burrows
Concert Adaptation by David Lee

Five performances on February 12 - 15, 2004 at the City Center, NYC
Produced by City Center
[Artistic Director: Jack Viertel; Music Director: Rob Fisher; Director-in-Residence: Kathleen Marshall]
Directed by Lonny Price
Scenic Consultant: John Lee Beatty
Sound: Scott Lehrer
Costume Consultant: Toni-Leslie James
Lighting: Kenneth Posner
Choreographer: Melinda Roy
Additional Musical Staging: Casey Nicholaw
Original Orchestrations by Philip J. Lang
Dance Music Arrangements by Michael Kosarin
Orchestrated by Danny Troob
Original Dance Music Arrangements by Genevieve Pitot
Additonal Orchestrations by Robert Noeltner
Guest Music Director: Michael Kosarin


Patti Lupone (La Mome Pistache)
Michael Nouri (Judge Aristide Forestier)
Reg Rogers (Boris Adzinidzinadze)
Charlotte d'Amboise (Claudine / Eve / Apache Dancer)
Paul Schoeffler (Hilaire Jussac)
Caitlin Carter (Celestine / Snake)
David Costabile (Theophile)
Michael Goldstrom (Etienne)
David Hibbard (Hercule)
Mary Ann Lamb (Marie)
Solange Sandy (Gabrielle)
Robert Wersinger (Adam / Apache Dancer)
Eli Wallach (Judge Paul Barriere)

Dale Hensley (Bailiff / Sidewalk Cafe Waiter / The Second), Michael X. Martin (Henri Marceaux / Man in Cafe / Prosecutor), Josh Rhodes (First Policemen / Waiter), Alex Sanchez (Second Policeman), Thom Graham (Third Policeman / Second Waiter), Joshua Johnston (Pierre), Carolyn Saxon (Nun), Rachelle Rak (Model), Cara Cooper (Street Walker), Rachel Coloff (Woman in Cafe)

Ensemble: Gerrald Carter, Rachel Coloff, Cara Cooper, Melissa Fagan, Lisa Gajda, Thom Graham, James Harkness, Dales Hensley, Joshua Johnston, Amy Krawcek, Mary MacLeod, Michael X. Martin, Mark Moreau, Rachelle Rak, Josh Rhodes, Alex Sanchez, Carolyn Saxon

Scenes and Musical Numbers

    Act One

    • Overture - Orchestra
    Scene 1: Correctional Court. Paris, 1893
    • "Maidens Typical of France" - Laundresses
    • Reprise: "Maidens Typical of France: - Laundresses, Policeman
    Scene 2: Outside the Bal du Paradis
    Scene 3: Bal du Paradis
    • "Never Give Anything Away" - La Mome Pistache and Laundresses
    Scene 4: Pistache's office
    • "C'est Magnifique" - Pistache and Judge Aristide Forestier
    Scene 5: Bal du Paradis
    • Quadrille - Claudine and the Dancers of Bal du Paradis
    Scene 6: A sidewalk cafe in Montmartre
    • "Come Along With Me" - Hilaire Jussac
    • Reprise: "Come Along With Me" - Boris Adzinidzinadze and Jussac
    Scene 7: Jail
    • "Live and Let Live" - Pistache
    • "I Am In Love" - Forestier
    Scene 8: The artists' atelier
    • "If You Loved Me Truly" - Claudine, Celestine, Adzinidzinadze, Marie, Model, Gabrielle, Hercule, Theophile and Etienne
    Scene 9: Bal du Paradis
    • "Montmart" - Jussac, Hercule and Ensemble
    • The Garden of Eden Ballet - Orchestra [danced by Robert Wersinger as Adam, Charlotte d'Amboise as Eve, and Caitlin Carter as Snake]
    • Reprise: "Montmart" - Ensemble<'LI>
    • "Allez-Vous-En" - Pistache

    Act Two

    • Entr'acte - Orchestra
    Scene 1: The atelier
    • "Never Be an Artist" - Adzinidzinadze, Hercule, Etienne, Theophile and Model
    Scene 2: A sidewalk cafe
    • "It's All Right With Me" - Forestier
    • "Ev'ry Man is a Stupid Man" - Celestine, Marie, Gabrielle
    Scene 3: "La Blanchisserie"
    • Apaches Dance [instrumental] - Orchestra [danced by Charlotte d'Amboise, Robert Wersinger, and Male Dancers]
    Scene 4: The roof of "La Blanchisserie"
    • "I Love Paris" - Pistache and Ensemble
    • Reprise: "C'est Magnifique" - Forestier and Pistache
    Scene 5: Court D'Assizes
    • "Can-Can" - Pistache and Company
    • Reprise: "Can-Can" - Entire Company

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