Ever Yours

Unproduced stage musical
Working Titles: "Yours" and "Once Upon a Time"

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Guy Bolton, based on Lili Hatvany's stage play The Spell
Produced by Gilbert Miller

Musical Numbers

[Written from late 1933 to early 1934]

  • "Gypsy Song" [unused]
  • "Ilsa's Song" [unused]
  • "Yours" [unused; later considered for Jubilee, but not used]
  • "The Night of the Ball" [unused]
  • "Once Upon a Time" [unused]
  • "Ballet Music" [instrumental; unused]
  • "The Polka Mazurka" [instrumental; unused]
  • "It All Seems So Long Ago" [unused]
  • "Thank You" [unused]
  • "Coffee" [unused]
  • "Success" [unused]
  • "Technique" [unused]
  • "When Love Comes Your Way" [unused; dropped from Nymph Errant; later used in Jubilee]
  • "Waltz Down the Aisle" [unused; later revised for Anything Goes, but not used; also later considered for Jubilee, but not used]
  • "Lead Me On" [unused]
  • "It's Probably Just As Well" [unused]

Contemporaneous Recordings

Go to Jubilee for recordings of "When Love Comes Your Way" and "Waltz Down the Aisle"

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