Hitchy-Koo of 1922

A Musical Revue
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Harold Atteridge

Tryouts began October 10, 1922 at Sam S. Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia
Ran for less than two weeks
Produced by Messrs. Lee and J. J. Shubert
Entire production staged under the personal direction of Mr. J. J. Shubert
Directed by J. C. Huffman


Raymond Hitchcock, Benny Leonard, Edythe Baker, Jack Pearl, May Boley, Jack Squires, Helene Dahlia, El Brendel, Llora Hoffman, Conchita Piquer, Joyce Maple, Alice Ridnor, Martha Mason, Louis Hector, The Swanson Sisters, and Florence Bert

Musical Numbers

  • "Maryland Scene"
  • "Oh, Mary"
  • "Ah Fong Lo" - Llora Hoffman
  • "My Spanish Shawl" [later revised as part of "I Dream of a Girl in a Shawl" in Wake Up and Dream] - Conchita Piquer
  • "In Hitchy's Bouquet" - Edythe Baker and Ensemble
  • "When My Caravan Comes Home" - [aka "My Caravan"] - Jack Squires and Ensemble
  • "The American Punch" [aka "It's the Punches"] - Raymond Hitchcock, Benny Leonard and Enseemble
  • "Play Me a Tune" - Edythe Baker
  • "Love Letter Words" - Joyce Maple and Ensemble
  • "The Bandit Band" - Llora Hoffman and Ensemble
  • "The Sponge" - Helene Dahlia

Cut Songs

  • "The Harbor Deep Down in My Heart" [probably dropped before the Philadelphia opening; intended for Llora Hoffman]
  • "The Old-Fashioned Waltz" [dropped before the Philadelphia opening]
  • "Pitter-Patter" [dropped before the Philadelphia opening]
  • "Twin Sisters" [unused; probably intended for the Swanson Sisters]
  • "Jungle Rose" [dropped before the Philadelphia opening]
  • "Curio Song or Old King Solly" [unused]

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