The Kaleidoscope

A Home Play in Two Acts
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

One performance on April 30, 1913 at the Hotel Taft, New Haven
One performance on May 7, 1913 at the Yale Club of New York City
Produced by the Yale University Dramatic Association


Newbold Noyes, Rufus F. King, Archibald MacLeish, Howard T. Cumming, Arnold Whitridge, Johnfrits Achelis, Joseph Kelleher, and Hay Langenheim

Musical Numbers

    Act One

  • "At the Dawn Tea"
  • "We are Prom Girls"
  • "Chaperons"
  • "In the Land Where My Heart Was Born"
  • "Meet Me Beside the River"
  • "Beware of the Sophomore"
  • "Rick-Chick-a-Chick"
  • "Good-bye My True Love"
  • "On My Yacht"
  • Act Two

  • "We're a Group of Nonentities"
  • "Flower Maidens"
  • "Absinthe"
  • "The Absinthe Drip"
  • "Maid of Santiago"
  • "As I Love You"
  • "Duodecimalogue"
  • "Oh, What a Pretty Pair of Lovers"
  • "A Member of teh Yale Elizabethan Club"
  • "Moon Man"
  • "My Georgia Gal"

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