Kiss Me, Kate

1951 London Production

Kiss Me, Kate [program]

A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Sam and Bella Spewack, loosely based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew

Opened March 8, 1951 at the Coliseum Theatre, London
Ran for 400 performances; closed February 23, 1952
Produced by Jack Hylton
Directed by Sam Spewack
Choreography by Hanya Holm
Settings and Costumes by Lemurl Ayers
Musical Direction by Freddie Bretherton
Orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennett


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Patricia Morison (Lilli Vanessi / Katherine), Bill Johnson (Fred Graham / Petruchio), Julie Wilson (Lois Lane / Bianca), Walter Long (Bill Calhoun / Lucentio), Adelaide Hall (Hattie), Daniel Wherry (Harry Trevor / Baptista), Ronan O'Casey (Ralph), Archie Savage (Paul), Peter Bentley (Stage Doorman), Danny Green (First Man), Sidney James (Second Man), Austin Trevor (Harrison Howell), Bernard Davies-Rees (Gremio), Frank Lawless (Hortensio), Michael O'Connor (Haberdasher), Wallace Brothers (Specialty Dancers)
Note: Italicized roles are characters in the "Taming of the Shrew" portion of the show

Musical Numbers

  • Overture - Orchestra
  • Act One

  • "Another Op'nin', Another Show" - Hattie, Company
  • "Why Can't You Behave?" - Lois
  • "Wunderbar" - Lilli, Fred
  • "So in Love" - Lilli
  • "We Open in Venice" - Katherine, Petruchio, Bianca, Lucentio
  • Dance (Dancing Ensemble)
  • "Tom, Dick or Harry" - Bianca, Lucentio, Hortensio, Gremio
  • Specialty Dance (Lucentio)
  • "I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua" - Petruchio, Men's Chorus
  • "I Hate Men" - Katherine
  • "Were Thine That Special Face" - Petruchio
  • "I Sing of Love" - Bianca, Lucentio, Company
  • Finale - "Kiss Me Kate" - Petruchio, Katherine, Company
  • Tarantella (Bianca, Lucentio and Dancing Ensemble)
  • Act Two

  • "Too Darn Hot" - Paul, Specialty Dancers
  • "Where is the Life That Late I Led?" - Petruchio
  • "Always True to You in My Fashion" - Lois
  • "Bianca" - Bill
  • "So in Love" (reprise) - Fred
  • "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" - Gangsters (First Man, Second Man)
  • "I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple" - Katherine
  • Pavanne (Dancing Ensemble)
  • "Finale" - Petruchio, Katherine, Company

Original Cast Recording

Kiss Me Kate [UK EP]

Selections: "Why Can't You Behave","Wunderbar", "So in Love", "I Hate Men", "Were Thine That Special Face", "Too Darn Hot", "Where is the Life That Late I Led?", "Always True to You in My Fashion", "So in Love", and "Brush Up Your Shakespeare"

  • 45 RPM EP, 195? [Columbia (UK)]
  • Double LP, 1974 [World SHB 26; also contains excerpts from other London productions of Porter shows; for more info go to Cole Porter in London]

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