Les Girls

Les Girls [video art]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Screenplay by John Patrick; story by Vera Caspary

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release
(November 1957; 114 minutes; Color)
Produced by Sol C. Siegel
Associate Producer: Saul Chaplin
Directed by George Cukor
Cinematography by Robert Surtees
Art Directin by William A. Horning and Gene Allen
Set Design by Edwin B. Willis
Costumes by Orry-Kelly
Music Direction by Adolph Deutsch
Choreography by Jack Cole


Barry (Gene Kelly), Angele (Taina Elg), Joy (Mitzi Gaynor), and Sybil (Kay Kendall) are the former members of "Barry Nichols and Les Girls," a popular European cabaret act.  Years after the group has dissolved, Sybil, now Lady Wren, publishes her all-too-candid recollections of what went on romantically behind the scenes among Barry and his partners.  Angele is outraged by the revelations and sues Sybil for defamation of character, the case is tried in court, and the movie becomes a musical Rashomon with each of the principals telling the story of the act as they remember it — none lying, but all recalling matters very differently.  Not surprisingly, Barry (now married to Joy) gives the key testimony, and the story ends with resumed good relations among the group.

Les Girls [film poster]


Gene Kelly (Barry Nichols)
Mitzi Gaynor (Joy Henderson)
Kay Kendall (Lady Wren)
Taina Elg (Angele Ducros)
Jacques Bergerac (Pierre Ducros)
Henry Daniell (Judge)
Patrick Macnee (Sir Percy)
Leslie Phillips (Sir Gerald Wren)
Stephen Vercoe (Mr. Outward)

Note: The singing voice of Kay Kendall was dubbed by Betty Wand, and Taina Elg's singing was dubbed by Thara Matthieson.

Les Girls [sheet music]

Musical Numbers

  • "Les Girls" - Kelly, Gaynor, Kendall, and Elg
  • "You're Just Too, Too" - Kelly and Kendall
  • "Ca, C'est L'Amour" - Elg
  • "Ladies-in-Waiting" - Gaynor, Kendall, and Elg
  • "Why Am I So Gone (About That Gal)?" - Kelly

Cut Songs

  • "Drinking Song" [unused]
  • "High-Flyin' Wings on My Shoes" [unused]
  • "I Could Kick Myself" [unused]
  • "Is It Joy?" [unused]
  • "My Darling Never is Late" [unused]
  • "My Little Piece o' Pie" [unused]
  • "Per Favore" [unused]
  • "What Fun" [unused]
  • "You're the Prize Guy of Guys" [unused]

Les Girls [film soundtrack LP]

Soundtrack Recording

  • LP, 1957 [MGM E-3590] [Side One of this LP included the five songs from the film.  The following selections were on Side Two: "Rosalie", "Easy to Love", "I Concentrate on You", "True Love", "Love of My Life", and "In the Still of the Night" (sources and performers unknown; probably from various MGM film soundtracks)]
  • Double LP, 1973 [MGM 2-SES-51ST] [The five songs are on Side Four of this compilation that also includes the film soundtracks of Silk Stockings (two sides) and The Barkleys of Broadway (one side)]
  • LP, 197? [MCA MCA-1426] (includes the film soundtrack of Lili)

  • Les Girls [Dutch LP]

  • LP, 1979 [CBS 70286 (Netherlands)] (includes all five songs on Side Two, with five songs from An American in Paris on Side One)
  • Compact Disc, 1987 [MCA MCAD-6177] (includes the film soundtrack of Silk Stockings)

  • Les Girls [German CD]

  • Compact Disc, 1990 [EMI CDP 79 4251 2 (German)] (includes the film soundtrack of Silk Stockings)

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