Mississippi Belle

Unproduced film project for Warner Bros.

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

Musical Numbers

[Written in early 1943]

  • "Amo Amas" [unused]
  • "Close to Me" [unused]
  • "Experiment" [unused; new verse and an additional refrain of the song from Nymph Errant]
  • "Hip, Hip Hooray for Andy Jackson" [unused]
  • "I Like Pretty Things" [unused]
  • "I'm Not Myself at All" [unused]
  • "In the Green Hills of County Mayo" [unused]
  • "Kathleen" [unused]
  • "Loading Song" [unused]
  • "Mamie Magdalin" [unused]
  • "Mississippi Belle" [unused]
  • "My Broth of a Boy" [unused]
  • "School, School, Heaven-Blessed School" [unused]
  • "So Long" [unused; revision of "So Long, San Antonio", dropped earlier from Something for the Boys]
  • "When a Woman's in Love" [unused]
  • "When McKinley Marches On" [unused]
  • "When You and I Were Strangers" [unused]
  • "Who'll Bid" [unused]

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