Nymph Errant

1989 Concert Production

Nymph Errant [UK concert programme]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Romney Brent, based on the novel by James Laver

Performed on May 21, 1989 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London
Produced by Barry J. Mishon Associates Limited and The Greater London Fund for the Blind
Conception, Music Direction, Vocal and Dance Arrangements by Donald Pippin
Directed by Christopher Renshaw
New Orchestrations by Jim Tyler and Michael Gibson
Orchestra Conducted by Donald Pippin and David Firman
Choreography by Stuart Hopps, Richard Sampson, Carole Todd


Kaye Ballard, Emile Belcourt, Lorina Dallas, Fiona Fullerton, Patricia Hodge, Larry Kert, Lisa Kirk, Audrey Leybourn, Andrea McArdle, Maurren McGovern, Virginia McKenna, Liliane Montevecchi, Patrice Munsel, Marie Santell, Alexis Smith, Derek Waring, Elisabeth Welch, and the Stephen Hill Singers

Musical Numbers

  • Overture - Orchestra and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • Act One

  • "Experiment" - Patricia Hodge and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • "It's Bad for Me" - Maureen McGovern
  • "Neauville-Sur-Mer" - Stephen Hill Singers
  • "The Cocotte" - Alexis Smith
  • "How Could We Be Wrong?" - Marie Santell and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • "They're Always Entertaining" - Stephen Hill Singers
  • "Georgia Sand" - Andrea McArdle and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • "Nymph Errant" - Fiona Fullerton and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • Act Two

  • "Ruins" - Stephen Hill Singers
  • "The Physician" - Lisa Kirk
  • "Solomon" - Elisabeth Welch
  • "Back to Nature With You" - Patrice Munsel and Larry Kert
  • "Plumbing" - Emile Belcourt
  • "Si Vous Aimez Les Poitrines" - Liliane Montevecchi and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • Appendix

  • "You're Too Far Away" - Larry Kert
  • "Sweet Nudity" - Virginia McKenna, Derek Waring and the Stephen Hill Singers
  • "My Louisa" - Larry Kert
  • "Cazanova" - Kaye Ballard
  • Finale: "Experiment" - Company

Concert Recording

Produced for Records by Robert Sher
Liner Notes and Synopsis by Miles Kreuger

  • Compact Disc, 1990 [EMI Angel CDC 54079]
  • Cassette, 1990 [EMI Angel 4DS 54079]

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