Out of This World

Original Broadway Production

A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Dwight Taylor and Reginald Lawrence, based on Amphitryon by Plautus
Working Titles: Amphitryon, Heaven on Earth, and Cloudburst

Tryouts began November 4, 1950 at the Shubert Theatre, Philadelphia
November 28, 1950 at the Shubert Theatre, Boston

Opened December 21, 1950 at the New Century Theatre, NYC
Closed May 5, 1951
Ran for 157 performances
Produced by Saint Subber and Lemuel Ayers
Entire production staged by Agnes de Mille
Choreography by Hanya Holm
Settings and Costumes by Lemuel Ayers
Musical Director: Pembroke Davenport
Orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennett
Dance Music Arranged by Genevieve Pitot
Incidental Music Arranged by Trudi Rittman

The Messrs. Subber and Ayers gratefully wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. George Abbott


Jupiter, father of the gods, has decided that Helen Kenyon, a fair American mortal, will be his latest conquest, to the consternation of his wife, Juno.  She traipses around the Greek countryside in various ineffectual mortal disguises searching for her cheating husband.  Their son Mercury escorts Helen to an inn near Athens, where Jupiter woos her in the guise of her husband, Art.  The next day, Helen realizes she has been deceived; meeting the god face to face, she rejects his offer of immortality, insisting that her husband's love is all she needs.  Throw into the mix, Niki Skolianos, American gangster turned innkeeper, who trades barbs with Juno in her mortal disguise, and Niko's ambitious niece, Chloe, providing a love interest for Mercury.


Charlotte Greenwood (Juno), William Eythe (Art O'Malley), Priscilla Gillette (Helen), William Redfield (Mercury), David Burns (Niki Skolianos), Barbara Ashley (Chloe), Janet Collins (Night), George Jongeyans [George Gaynes] (Jupiter), Ray Harrison (Strephon), Peggy Rea (Vulcania), and Frank Milton (Waiter)

Singing Ensemble: Eleanor Parker, Shirley Prior, Enid Hall, Nola Fairbanks, B. J. Keating, Lois Monroe, John Schickling, John Schmidt, Richard Curry, Ken Ayers, Orrin Hill, Robert Baird, Joe Hill, Leo Kayworth

Dancing Ensemble: Gisella Svetlik, Virginia Bosler, Eleanor Fairchild, Joan Engel, Joan Kruger, Jacqueline Sager, Glen Tetley, David Nillo, Stanley Simmons, Paul Lyday, Eric Kristen, Barton Mumaw, Jan Kovac, Harry Day, Maria Karnilov

Musical Numbers and Scenes

    Act One

    • Overture - Orchestra
    Prologue: Curtain
    • "Prologue" - Mercury
    Scene 1: Jupiter's Portico
    • "I Jupiter, I Rex" - Jupiter and Ensemble
    Scene 2: New York Bar
    • "Use Your Imagination" - Helen and Mercury
    Scene 3: Curtain of Night
    Scene 4: Great Hall — Olympus
    • "Hail, Hail, Hail" - Vulcania, Mercury, and Ensemble
      • "Juno's Ride"
      • "Entrance of Juno"
    • "I Got Beauty" - Juno and Ensemble
    Scene 5: Road to Athens
    Scene 6: Arcadia Inn
    • "Maiden Fair" - Ensemble [not on the original cast recording]
    • "Where, Oh Where?" - Chloe
    • "I Am Loved" - Helen
    Scene 7: Colonnade
    • "They Couldn't Compare to You" - Mercury
    Scene 8: Inn Tavern
    • "What Do You Think About Men?" - Juno, Helen, and Chloe
    Scene 9: Arcadia Inn
    • Dance of Night (Night)
    • "I Sleep Easier Now" - Juno
    • Ballet (Night, Strephon, and Dancing Ensemble)

    Act Two

    • Entr'acte - Orchestra
    Scene 1: Mt. Olympus
    • "Climb Up the Mountain" - Juno, Niki, and Company
    Scene 2: Curtain of Night
    Scene 3: Arcadia Inn
    • "No Lover" - Helen
    Scene 4: Colonnade
    • "Cherry Pies Ought to Be You" - Mercury & Chloe, Niki & Juno
    Scene 5: Bedroom
    • "I Am Loved" (reprise) - Helen
    Scene 6: Curtain of Night
    • "Hark to the Song of the Night" - Jupiter
    Scene 7: Mountain Shrine
    • Peasant Dance (Strephon, Chloe, and Ensemble) [themes from "Maiden Fair"]
    Scene 8: Another Part of the Forest
    • "Nobody's Chasing Me" - Juno
    • Dance (Ensemble)
    Scene 9: Arcadia Inn and Heaven
    • Finale ("Use Your Imagination") - Company

Cut Songs

  • "We're on the Road to Athens" [dropped during the tryouts; sung by Mercury and Ensemble after "I Got Beauty"]
  • "From This Moment On" [dropped during the tryouts; sung by Art and Helen before "They Couldn't Compare to You" and by the Company in the finale; used in the film version of Kiss Me Kate]
  • "You Don't Remind Me" [dropped during the tryouts; sung by Jupiter]
  • "Hush, Hush, Hush" [dropped during the tryouts; sung by Mercury, Juno, Chloe and Strephon]
  • "Away From It All" [unused; intended for Helen and Ensemble]
  • "Midsummer Night" [unused; intended for Mercury and Ensemble]
  • "Oh, It Must Be Fun" [unused]
  • "To Hell With Ev'rything But Us" [unused; intended for Art and Helen; the interlude was used in "From This Moment On"]
  • "Tonight I Love You More" [unused]
  • "Why Do You Wanta Hurt Me So?" [unused; intended for Juno]
  • "Lock Up Your Chickens" [unused]

Original Cast Recording

Produced for Records by Goddard Lieberson
Recorded at CBS 30th Street Studio, NYC on December 31, 1950
All releases are mono

  • LP, 1951 [Columbia ML-54390]
  • 78 RPM, 1951 [Columbia MM-980]
  • 45 RPM (7 discs), 1951 [Columbia A-980]
  • LP reissue, 19?? [Columbia OL-4390]
  • LP reissue, 1973 [Columbia CML-4390]

Remastered Version
Reissue produced by Didier C. Deutsch
Digitally remastered by Tim Tiedermann

  • Compact Disc, 1992 [Sony Broadway SK 48223]
  • Cassette, 1992 [Sony Broadway ST 48223]

Contemporaneous Recordings

"I Am Loved" / "You Don't Remind Me" - Frank Sinatra

  • 78 RPM, 1951 [Columbia 39079]

[non-Porter song] / "Cherry Pies Ought to Be You" - Frank Sinatra with Rosemary Clooney

  • 78 RPM, 1951 [Columbia 39141]

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