Panama Hattie

Film Version

Panama Hattie [film poster]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter (and Others)
Screenplay by Jack McGowan and
Wilkie Mahoney; based on the musical, book by Herbert Fields and B. G. DeSylva

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release
(1942; 79 minutes; B & W)
Produced by Arthur Freed
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod
Music Direction by George Stoll
Cinematography by George Folsey
Art Direction by Cedric Gibbons
Set Design by Edwin B. Willis and Hugh Hunt
Costumes by Kalloch
Choreography by Danny Dare
Musical Numbers Staged by Vincente Minnelli

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Red Skelton (Red)
Ann Sothern (Hattie Maloney)
Rags Ragland (Rags)
Ben Blue (Rowdy)
Marsha Hunt (Leila Tree)
Virginia O'Brien (Flo Foster)
Alan Mowbray (Jay Jerkins)
Dan Dailey, Jr. (Dick Bulliet)
Jackie Horner (Geraldine Bulliet)

Carl Esmond (Lucas Kefler), Pierre Watkin (Admiral Tree), Stanley Andrews (Colonel John Briggs), Lena Horne and The Berry Brothers.

Musical Numbers

Panama Hattie [sheet music]

Numbers Written by Cole Porter are in Bold Type

  • "Hattie from Panama" (Roger Edens) - Chorus
  • "I've Still Got My Health" - Ann Sothern
  • "Berry Me Not" (Phil Moore) [instrumental, danced by the Berry Brothers]
  • "Just One of Those Things" - Lena Horne [from Jubilee]
  • "Fresh As a Daisy" - Virginia O'Brien
  • "Good Neighbors" (Roger Edens) - Red Skelton, Rags Ragland, Ben Blue, and Chorus
  • "Let's Be Buddies" - Ann Sothern with Jackie Horner, and Virginia O'Brien with Alan Mowbray
  • "Hail Hail the Gang's All Here" (Theodore F. Morse) [instrumental, played by a marching band]
  • "Did I Get Stinkin' At the Savoy" (E. Y. Harburg and Walter Donaldson) - Virginia O'Brien
  • "The Sping" (Phil Moore and J. LeGon) - Lena Horne [danced by the Berry Brothers]
  • "The Son of a Gun Who Picks on Uncle Sam" (E. Y. Harburg and Burton Lane) - Entire Company

Note: Some sources include the following songs

  • "Make It Another Old Fashioned Please" - Ann Sothern
  • "They Ain't Done Right By Our Nell" [music only]
  • "I'll Do Anything for You" (Roger Edens)
  • "La Bumba Rhumba" (Alex Hyde)

Soundtrack Recording

  • Compact Disc, 1998 [Great Movie Themes] (with "Blood and Sand" and "At War With the Army" soundtracks)
  • Cole Porter selections are in bold type

    • Overture: "Hattie from Panama" / "I've Still Got My Health"
    • Dance Routine (instrumental) [probably "Berry Me Not"]
    • "Just One of Those Things"
    • "Fresh as a Daisy"
    • "Good Neighbors"
    • "Let's Be Buddies"
    • "Did I Get Stinkin' at the Club Savoy"
    • "The Spring"
    • "The Son of a Gun Who Picks on Uncle Sam"

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