Sheila Sanders: Rare! Hot! & Cole Porter

Sheila Sanders: Rare! Hot! & Cole Porter

Sheila Sanders, vocals
Arranged and conducted by Phil Moore
Liner notes by Sheila Graham

  • LP, 1965 [Philips PHM-200-169 (mono) / PHS 600-169 (stereo)]


  • Selections

    • "Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking" [from Aladdin] (3:12)
    • "Can-Can" [from Can-Can] (3:02)
    • "Hot House Rose" [Independent song] (2:49)
    • "Make It Another Old Fashioned Please" [from Panama Hattie] (2:55)
    • "You're a Bad Influence on Me" [from Red Hot and Blue] (2:52)
    • "They All Fall in Love" [from The Battle of Paris] (3:27)
    • "The Laziest Gal in Town" [Independent song] (3:24)
    • "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love" [from Leave It To Me] (2:47)
    • "I Loved Him (But He Didn't Love Me)" [from Wake Up and Dram] (3:30)
    • "I've Got You on My Mind" [from Gay Divorce] (2:38)
    • "Don't Look at Me That Way" [from Paris] (3:08)
    • "I've Got Some Unfinished Business With You" [from Let's Face It] (3:24)

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