Rosalie [sheet music detail]

A Musical Comedy Film
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Screenplay by William Anthony McGuire, based on the musical comedy libretto by McGuire and Guy Bolton

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release
(December 1937; 122 minutes; B & W)
Produced by William Anthony McGuire
Directed by W. S. Van Dyke
Cinematography by Oliver Marsh
Art Direction by Cedric Gibbons
Set Design by Edwin B. Willis
Costumes by Dolly Tree
Music Director: Herbert Stothart
Choreography by Albertina Rasch


Dick Thorpe, playing football for West Point in the big game against Navy, is the hero when the game ends in a tie.  Rosalie, a Vassar student who tells no one that she is the princess of a small country, thinks Dick is conceited, but makes plans to meet him later in the year in Europe.  Meanwhile, Rosalie has been promised to Prince Paul in an arranged marriage.  Dick, who flies his own plane, lands and learns that Rosalie's country is in chaos.  Dick doesn't know that Rosalie is a princess, and thinks she's just a peasant.  The King greets the Lindbergh-type pilot and agrees to help him find the woman he loves.  The couple is eventually re-united, but are separated again when the people revolt and the royal family must flee to the US.  Dick and Rosalie meet again in the US, have a few love problems at West Point, work things out, and sing of their love to each other in a huge finale.

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Nelson Eddy (Dick Thorpe)
Eleanor Powell (Princess Rosalie Romanikoff)
Frank Morgan (King Frederic Romanikoff)
Edna May Oliver (Queen Romanikoff)
Ray Bolger (Bill Delroy)

Billy Gilbert (Oloff), Reginald Owen (Chancellor), Virginia Grey (Mary Calahan), Jerry Colonna (Joseph), William Demarest (Army Coach), Ilona Massey (Brenda), Tom Rutherford (Prince Paul), George Zucco (General Maroff), Clay Clement (Captain Banner), and Oscar O'Shea (Mr. Calahan)


In the Still of the Night [sheet music]

Musical Numbers

  • "Who Knows?" - Dick
  • "I've a Strange New Rhythm in My Heart" - Rosalie
  • "Rosalie" - Dick
  • "Why Should I Care?" - King Frederic
  • "Spring Love is in the Air" - Brenda
  • "Close" [instrumental]
  • "In the Still of the Night" - Dick
  • "It's All Over But the Shouting" - Dick
  • "To Love or Not to Love" - Dick


Cut Songs

  • "Close" [lyrics unused]
  • "Opening, Romanza Sequence" [unused]
  • "Entrance of Prince Paul" [unused]
  • "I Know It's Not Meant for Me" [unused]
  • "A Fool There Was" [unused]

Soundtrack Recordings

Broadway Melody of 1940 [cd release]

  • Compact Disc, 2003 [Rhino RHM2 7601] [includes selections from Broadway Melody of 1940]
    • Main Title (Rosalie)/Hello Football Fans
    • "It's All Over But The Shouting"
    • "I've A Strange New Rhythm In My Heart"
    • "Close" (Outtake Vocal Version)
    • "Rosalie"
    • "Why Should I Care"
    • "Spring Love Is In The Air"
    • "In The Still Of The Night"
    • "To Love Or Not To Love"
    • Bridal Finale ("Oh, Promise Me/Rosalie")
    • West Point Drill Routine ("Who Knows/Hey Babe Hey") (Original Version - Outtake)
    • "I Know It's Not Meant For Me" (Outtake)

    Contemporaneous Recordings

    "I've a Strange New Rhythm in My Heart" / "Why Should I Care?" - Bob Crosby and His Orchestra

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Decca 1555]

    "I've a Strange New Rhythm in My Heart" - Artie Shaw

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Brunswick 7971]

    "In the Still of the Night" / "Who Knows?" - Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra [vocal: Jack Leonard]

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Victor 25663] Charted on October 16, 1937; peaked at #3

    "In the Still of the Night" / "Who Knows?"- Leo Reisman and His Orchestra [vocal: Lee Sullivan]

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Brunswick 7985] Charted on December 25, 1937; peaked at #9

    "In the Still of the Night" / "Who Knows?" - Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Bluebird B-7185]

    "In the Still of the Night" / "Rosalie" - Will Osborne and His Orchestra

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Decca 1467]

    "In the Still of the Night" / "Rosalie" - Al Bowlly

    • 78 RPM, 1938 [HMV BD-502 and Decca F-6605]

    "Rosalie" - Jan Garber

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    "Rosalie" - Art Kassel and His "Kassels-in-the-Air"

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Bluebird B-7255]

    "Rosalie" / "Why Should I Care?" - Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Vocalion 3700] Charted on October 23, 1937; peaked at #1 for two weeks

    "Rosalie" - Horace Heidt and His Orchestra [vocal: Lysbeth Hughes]

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Brunswick 8028] Charted on January 15, 1938; peaked at #6

    "Rosalie" - Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra

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    "Rosalie" - Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang

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    "Rosalie" - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra

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    "Rosalie" - Artie Shaw and His New Music

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [Thesaurus 455]

    "Who Knows?" - Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra

    • 78 RPM, 1937 [American 7-12-01]

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