Seven Lively Arts

Original Broadway Production

A Musical Revue
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Ballet Music by Igor Stravinsky
Book by George S. Kaufman and Ben Hecht
Sketches by Moss Hart, Robert Pirosh, Joseph Schrank, and Charles Sherman

Tryouts began November 24, 1944 at the Forrest Theatre, Philadelphia

Opened December 7, 1944 at the Ziegfeld Theatre, NYC
Ran for 183 performances
Produced by Billy Rose
Staged and Lighted by Hassard Short
Sketches directed by Philip Loeb
Musical staging by Jack Donohue
Ballets choreographed by Anton Dolin
Sets by Norman Bel Geddes
Costumes by Mary Grant
Orchestrations by Russell Bennett, Ted Royal and Hans Spialek


Featured Performers: Beatrice Lillie, Bert Lahr, Benny Goodman, Alicia Markova, Anton Dolin, Doc Rockwell, Teddy Wilson, Red Norvo, Bill Tabbert, Nan Wynn, Jere McMahon, Dolores Gray, Billie Worth, Paula Bane, Mary Roche, and Helen Gallagher

Corps de Ballet: Franca Baldwin, Virginia Barnes, John Beggs, Phyllis Brown, Angelina Buttignol, Evangeline Collis, Margaretta De Valera, Bettye Durrence, Adriana Favaloro, Louise Ferrand, Jerry Florio, Helen Gallagher, Arlene Garver, Mimi Gomber, Edward Hackett, Jean Harris, Ray Johnson, Harriet Katzman, Thomas Kenny, Lee Lauterbur, Constance Love, Ethel Madson, Richard Martin, Paul Olson, Michael Pober, Bettina Rosay, Lester Russon

Singers: Robert Austin, Johnsie Bason, Charlotte Bruce, Irene Carroll, Nina Dean, Rose Marie Elliott, Paul Fairleigh, Vincent Henry, Robert Herring, Raynor Howell, Stella Hughes, Jim Kane, Robert Kimberly, Mary Ann Krejci, Ethel Madson, John Mathews, Helen Molveau, Louise Newton, Richmond Page, Allen Sharp, Gordon Taylor, William Utely, Martha Emma Watson

Page Boys: Sonny Cavell, Jimmy Dutton, Alan Grossman, Barry Laffin, Buddy Millard, Dickie Millard, Marty Miller


Billy Rose Buys the Metropolitan Opera House! - Morey Feld, Benny Goodman, Red Norvo, Sid Weiss, Teddy Wilson

Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye - Jere McMahon (The Boy), Nan Wynn (The Girl)

The Great Man Speaks - Bert Lahr (The Patient), Albert Carroll (The Doctor), Billie Worth (The Nurse)

Heaven on Angel Street - Bert Lahr (Mr. Clarence Day), Dennie Moore (Mrs. Day), Beatrice Lillie (Mrs. Manningham), Anton Dolin (Mr. Manningham), Robert Austin (George Jean Nathan), Paula Bane (The Maid), Michael Barrett (Dude Lester), Albert Carroll (Jeeter Lester)

Hence It Don't Make Sense - Singers: Dolores Gray, Mary Roche, Billie Worth and Nan Wynn, Dancers: Jere McMahon and Billie Worth

Local Boy Makes Good - Bert Lahr (The Stagehand), Michael Barrett (The Agent), Albert Carroll (The Producer), Billie Worth (The Secretary)

Only Another Boy and Girl - Bert Lahr (Fragonard in Pink), Beatrice Lillie (Fragonard in Pink), Mary Roche (The Girl), Bill Tabbert (The Boy)

Pas de Deux - Anton Dolin and Alicia Markova

Scene de Ballet - Featured Dancers: Anton Dolin and Alicia Markova with the Corps de Ballet

There'll Always Be An England - Beatrice Lillie (Lady Agatha Pendleton), Albert Carroll (Colonel Charteris), Dennie Moore (Lady Carleton), Thomas Kenney (First Soldier), Edward Hackett (Second Soldier), Michael Barrett (Third Soldier)

Ticket for the Ballet - Beatrice Lillie (The Customer), Michael Barrett (The Box Office Man), Albert Carroll (The Manager), King Ross (A Man in the Line)

Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [sheet music]

Musical Numbers

  • "Big Town" - Nan Wynn, Jere McMahon, Paula Bane, Billie Worth, Mary Roche, Bill Tabbert, Dolores Gray, and Ensemble
  • "Is It the Girl (or Is It the Gown?)" - Dolores Gray and Ensemble
  • "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" - Nan Wynn
  • "Only Another Boy and Girl" - Mary Roche and Bill Tabbert
  • "Wow-Ooh-Wolf!" - Nan Wynn, Dolores Gray, and Mary Roche
  • "Drink" - Bert Lahr and Ensemble
  • "When I Was a Little Cuckoo" - Beatrice Lillie
  • "Frahngee-Pahnee" - Bill Tabbert and Ensemble
  • "Dancin' to a Jungle Drum (Let's End the Beguine)" - Beatrice Lillie
  • "Hence It Don't Make Sense" - Nan Wynn, Mary Roche, Dolores Gray, Billie Worth, and Jere McMahon
  • "The Band Started Swinging a Song" - Nan Wynn
  • "The Big Parade / Yours for a Song" [not listed in the program, may have been dropped]

Cut Songs

  • "Pretty Little Missus Bell" - Beatrice Lillie [dropped before the New York opening]
  • "Dainty, Quainty Me" [unused, intended for Bert Lahr]
  • "I Wrote a Play" [unused, probably intended for Bill Tabbert]
  • "If I Hadn't a Husband" [unused; music used later for "Should I Tell You I Love You" in Around the World]
  • "Where Do We Go From Here?" [unused, intended for Beatrice Lillie and Bert Lahr]
  • "Cafe Society Still Carries On" [unused, intended for Bert Lahr]

Original Cast Recordings

"Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye" / "Only Another Boy and Girl" - Benny Goodman Quintet [A-side vocal: Peggy Mann; B-side vocal: Jane Harvey]

  • 78 RPM, 1945 [Columbia 36767] A-side charted on March 10, 1945; peaked at #12

"Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye" - Teddy Wilson Quintet [vocal: Maxine Sullivan]

  • 78 RPM, 1945 [Musicraft 317]

Contemporaneous Recordings

"Hence It Don't Make Sense" - Tony Pastor and His Orchestra

  • 78 RPM, 1945 [Victor 20-1640]

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