Wake Up and Dream

Broadway Production

Wake Up and Dream [sheet music]

A Musical Revue
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by John Hastings Turner

Opened December 30, 1929 at the Selwyn Theatre, NYC
Closed April 26, 1930; Ran for 136 performances
Produced by Arch Selwyn
in association with Charles B. Cochran
Staged by Frank Collins
Choreographed by Tilly Losch, Jack Buchanan and Max Rivers


Jack Buchanan, Jessie Matthews, Tilly Losch, Dave Fitzgibbon, William Stephens, Frances Shelley, Toni Birkmayer, Tina Meller, Jean Berry, Lance Lister, Marjorie Brooks, Claude Newman, Wyn Clare, Roy Mitchell, A. B. Imeson, Douglas Phillips, and the Gomez Trio; some sources include Greta Wood, Ann Barberova, and Mary Tomlinson

Musical Numbers

  • "Wake Up and Dream" - Jessie Matthews
  • "Looking at You" - Jessie Matthews and Dave Fitzgibbon
  • "The Banjo That Man Joe Plays" - William Stephens
  • "Entrance of Emigrants" - Ensemble
  • "What is This Thing Called Love?" - Frances Shelley
  • "Operatic Pills" [aka "If You Take One Pill"] - Jack Buchanan and Ensemble
  • "After All, I'm Only a Schoolgirl" - Jessie Matthews and Ensemble
  • "I Dream of a Girl in a Shawl" ["China" section only] - William Stephens and Tilly Losch
  • "I'm a Gigolo" - Jack Buchanan (first two weeks, then afterward by William Stephens)
  • "Which is the Right Life?" [revision of "Which", written for but unused in Paris] - Jessie Matthews

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