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Signed / Inscribed Books
by Michael Bishop

The following editions (all hardcover but one) can be purchased directly from Michael Bishop for $23.00 each (except as noted), postpaid within the USA.  He will personalize inscriptions if you tell him to whom to inscribe the book, and any special (reasonable) requests for the inscription ("Happy Birthday," "Merry Christmas," "to the fastest hotdog-eater in Scranton, PA," whatever). 

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Brittle Innings

Bantam, first edition hardcover, 1994, 503 pp., with a lovely dustjacket by Michael Dudash.

Winner of the Locus Award for best fantasy novel of the year, John W.Campbell Memorial Award finalist, and Hugo and World Fantasy Award-nominated novel about minor-league baseball in the Deep South during World War II.

Price: $23.00 postpaid


Catacomb Years

Berkley/Putnam, first edition hardcover, 1979, 384 pp., with dustjacket by Ron Walotsky.

Novelization of the Urban Nucleus of Atlanta stories, including the Hugo and Nebula Award-nominated, and Locus Award-winning novella "The Samurai and the Willows".

Special Price: $20.00 postpaid


Count Geiger's Blues

Tor, first edition hardcover, 1992, 374 pp., with dustjacket art & design by Tom Canty.

Price: $23.00 postpaid


No Enemy But Time

Book-of-the-Month-Club, special hardcover edition, 1990; (reprint of 1982 edition from Timescape/Simon & Schuster), 399 pp., nonrepresentational cover design by Bill Osborne.

Winner of the Nebula Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America for best novel of the year.

Price: $23.00 postpaid


The Secret Ascension

Tor, first edition hardcover, 1987; 341 pp, uncredited silver dustjacket.

Later reprinted under the author's preferred title, Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas, this novel is acclaimed as being one of the best homages to PKD and his work.

Price: $23.00 postpaid


Would It Kill You to Smile?

Longstreet Press, first edition hardcover, 1998, 208 pp., with jacket by David Turner (cover painting), Jill Dible (design), and Jamie Bishop (lettering).

Mystery novel published as by Philip Lawson, actually Michael Bishop and Paul Di Filippo collaborating.

Price: $23.00 postpaid


A Cross of Centuries: Twenty-five Imaginative Tales about the Christ

Thunder's Mouth Press, first edition trade paperback, 2007; 411 pp.

An anthology edited by Michael Bishop including stories by Ray Bradbury, Michael Moorcock (the Nebula Award-winning novella "Behold the Man"), Gene Wolfe, Jorge Luis Borges, Gardner Dozois & Jack Dann, Paul Di Filippo, Henry Kuttner, Oscar Wilde (the classic "The Selfish Giant"), and others. (Click here for the complete contents.)

Price: $18.00 postpaid