London Stage Production

Aladdin {UK program]

Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Peter Coke
Additional Material by Denis Goodwin

Opened December 17, 1959 at the Coliseum Theatre, London
Produced by Harold Fielding
Directed and Choreographed by Robert Helpmann
Scenery and Costumes by Loudon Sainthill
Lighting by Michael Northern
Musical Direction by Bobby Howell
Orchestrations by Ronald Hanmer and Len Stevens
Choral Arrangements by Bill Shepherd


Bob Monkhouse (Aladdin), Doretta Morrow (The Princess), Ronald Shiner (Widow Twankey), Ian Wallace (The Emperor), Alan Wheatley (Abanazar), Anne Heaton (The Diamond Fairy), David Fallon (Grand Vizier), Philip Hogan (Wishee), Eddie Sargent (Washee), Jacqueline Marygold, Golda Casimir, Jessie Carron, Milton Reid, Kerry Jordan, Reginald Barratt, Mollie Hare and Geoffrey Webb

Musical Numbers

    Act One

    • "Aladdin" - Chorus
    Scene 1: The Main Square in Peking during the Festival of the Scarlet Dragon
    • "There Must be Someone for Me" [from Mexican Hayride] - Aladdin, Wishee, Washee
    • "No Wonder Taxes are High" - Aladdin and Twankey
    Scene 2: The Market Place
    • "Come to the Supermarket (in Old Peking)" - Aladdin and Chorus
    • "Make Way for the Emperor" - Grand Vizier and Chorus
    Scene 3: The Alabaster Pillared Hall of the Hammam Baths
    • "Aladdin" - Princess and Chorus
    Scene 4: Widow Twankey's Kitchen
    • "Opportunity Knocks But Once" - Twankey and Abanazar
    Scene 5: A Wild Part of the Coutnry Outside the City
    Scene 6a: The Golden Caverns
    Scene 6b: The Garden of the Jewelled Fruit
    Scene 6c: The Golden Cavetns
    Scene 7: Widow Twankey's Kitchen
    Scene 8a: Hall of the Petitions in the Royal Palace
    • "Wouldn't It Be Fun" - Emperor
    Scene 8b: The Emperor's Jade Throne Room
    • "I Adore You" Princess and Aladdin

    Act Two

    Scene 1: The Great Square in Front of the Emperor's Palace Scene 2: A Street near Aladdin's Palace
    Scene 3: The Great Square in Front of the Emperor's Palace
    • "Ridin' High" [from Red, Hot and Blue] - The Hunters
    • "Trust Your Destiny to a Star" - Emperor and Twankey
    Scene 4a: The Princess's Room in Aladdin's Palace in Morocco
    Scene 4b: The Kingdom of Cool Whiteness
    Scene 5: The Princess's Room in Aladdin's Palace in Morocco
    Scene 6: Widow Twankey's Laundry
    Scene 7a: The Golden Staircase
    Scene 7b: The Ships set sail for the Island of Betrothal

Original Cast Recording

  • LP, 1960 [EMI (UK)]
  • LP, 1982 [Stet DS 15027]
    Note: The front cover incorrectly reprints credits from the television production

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