The Decline and Fall of the Entire World
As Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter

New York Production

A "revuesical" with songs by Cole Porter
Opened March 30, 1965 at the Square East Theatre, NYC (Off-Broadway)
Closed November 28, 1965
Ran for 273 performances
Produced by Ben Bagley
Direction and Continuity by Ben Bagley
Musical Arrangements by Skip Redwine
Vocal Arrangements by Bud McCreery
Musical Numbers Staged by Vernon Lusby
Costumes Designed by Charles Fatone
Set Designed by Ben Bagley
Lighting by Jules Fisher


Carmen Alvarez, Kaye Ballard, William Hickey, Harold Lang, and Elmarie Wendel

Los Angeles Production

Opened April 17, 1967 at the Huntington Hartford Theatre, Los Angeles
Closed May 6, 1967
A James A. Doolittle Production presented by The Hollywood Wing of the Greek Theatre Association
[Same credits as the New York production, except for the following]
Musical Arrangements by George Bassman
Musical Direction by Woolf Phillips


Tammy Grimes, Edward Earle, Nagle Jackson, Bobo Lewis, and Sybil Scotford

Recording produced by Thomas Z. Shepard

  • LP, 1965 [Columbia OL 6410 (mono). OS 2810 (stereo)] (34:47 mins.)
    • "I Introduced" [from Hitchy-Koo of 1919] - Harold Lang and Cast (1:52)
    • "I'm a Gigolo" [from Wake Up and Dream] - William Hickey (2:31)
    • "The Leader of a Big-Time Band" [from Something for the Boys] - Kaye Ballard, Carmen Alvarez, Elmarie Wendel (2:32)
    • "I Loved Him (But He Didn't Love Me) [from Wake Up and Dream] - Kaye Ballard (3:05
    • "I Happen to Like New York" [from The New Yorkers] - Harold Lang (1:56)
    • "What Shall I Do?" [from You Never Know] - Carmen Alvarez and Men (2:02)
    • "Tomorrow" [from Leave It To Me] - Kaye Ballard and Cast (3:17)
    • "Farming" [from Let's Face It] - Entire Cast (2:47)
    • "Give Him the Oo-La-La" [from Du Barry Was a Lady] - Elmarie Wendel 2:18)
    • "Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please" [from Panama Hattie] - Carmen Alvarez (2:28)
    • "Down in the Depths (On the 90th Floor)" [from Red, Hot, and Blue] - Kaye Ballard (2:14)
    • "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love" [from Leave It To Me] - Kaye Ballard, Carmen Alvarez, Elmarie Wendell (2:01)
    • Finale (Medley) - Entire Cast (5:44)
  • Compact Disc, 1991 [Painted Smiles PSCD-124] (70:52 mins.)
    • Same selections as above with the addition of these recorded live performances

    • "Don't Look At Me That Way" [from Paris] - Carmen Alvarez (2:37)
    • "How's Your Romance?" [from Gay Divorce] - Harold Lang, Elmarie Wendel, Carmen Alvarez (1:00)
    • "I've Got You On My Mind" [from Gay Divorce] - Harold Lang (2:09)
    • "Red, Hot, and Blue" [from Red, Hot, and Blue] - Kaye Ballard and Cast (4:28)
    • "Let's Fly Away" [from The New Yorkers] - Entire Cast (3:02)
    • "Ridin' High" [from Red, Hot, and Blue] - Kaye Ballard and Cast (3:02)
    • "I'm Throwing a Ball Tonight" [from Panama Hattie] - Harold Lang (2:03)
    • "I've Still Got My Health" [from Panama Hattie] - Kaye Ballard (2:24)
    • Medley from Something for the Boys (4:14)
      • "Something for the Boys" - Kaye Ballard, Elmarie Wendel, Carmen Alvarez
      • "I'm in Love With a Soldier Boy" - Carmen Alvarez
      • "By the Mississinewah" - Kaye Ballard, Elmarie Wendel
    • "Girls" [from Mexican Hayride] - Harold Lang (1:39)
    • These selections from various touring companies:

    • "Tale of the Oyster" [from Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Tammy Grimes (2:36)
    • "It Ain't Etiquette" [from Du Barry Was a Lady] - Bobby Short, Danny Meehan (2:32)
    • "When I Was a Little Cuckoo" [from Seven Lively Arts] - Dody Goodman (2:17)
    • "Experiment" [from Nymph Errant] - Bobby Short (2:02)