Panama Hattie

London Production

A Musical Comedy in Two Acts
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter
Book by Herbert Fields and B. G. De Sylva
(Edited by Graham John)

Opened November 4, 1943 at the Piccadilly Theatre, London
Ran for 308 performances.
Presented by Tom Arnold and Lee Ephraim in association with Emile Littler
Produced by William Mollison
Entire production under the supervision of Lee Ephraim
Dances and Ensembles by Wendy Toye
Decor by Clifford Pember
Musical Direction by Harold Collins


Bebe Daniels (Hattie Maloney), Claude Hulbert (Vivian Budd), Frances Marsden (Florrie), Ivan Brandt (Nick Bullett), Georgia Mackinnon (Leila Tree), Betty Blackler (Elizabeth Bullett), Jack Stanford (Joe Briggs), Max Wall (Eddy Brown), Richard Hearne (Loopy Smith), Natalie Lynn (Mrs. Gonzales), Gaylord Bryan (Mac, the bartender), Marian Pola (Chiquita), George Street (Whitney Randolph), Mavis Cooper (Myrtle), Eileen Moore (Kitty Belle), Paxye Montay (Mildred Hunter), Anthony Neville (Otto, Mike), Chick Alexander (Waiter), Conway Dixon (Sentry), Howard Gilbert (Singer), and Diane Gardiner (Specialty Dancer)

Musical Numbers

    Act One

  • Opening - Ensemble [alternate title: "A Stroll on the Plaza Sant' Ana"]
  • "Join It Right Away" - Loopy, Eddy, Joe, Dancers
  • "Visit Panama" - Hattie, Loopy, Eddy, Joe
  • "I've Still Got My Health" - Hattie, Ensemble
  • "I've Still Got My Health" (reprise) - Eddy and Girls
  • "Fresh as a Daisy" - Florrie, Joe, Eddy
  • "Welcome to Betty" - Ensemble [US title: "Welcome to Jerry"]
  • "Let's Be Buddies" - Hattie, Betty
  • Specialty Dance - Joe
  • "I'm Throwing a Ball Tonight" - Hattie, Ensemble
  • Act Two

  • Opening
    • "I Detest a Fiesta" - Ensemble [US title: "We Detest a Fiesta"]
    • "Who Would Have Dreamed?" - Singer (Howard Gilbert)
    • Specialty Dance - Dancer (Diane Gardiner)
  • "All I've Got to Get Now is My Man" - Florrie, Ensemble [Program title: "All I've Got Now is to Get My Man" ]
  • Specialty Dance - Chiquita, Eddy
  • "You Said It" - Hattie, Loopy, Edy, Joe, Budd
  • Dance - Loopy and Budd
  • Finale - Entire Company

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