Book, Music and Lyrics by Thomas Lawrason Riggs and Cole Porter
Subtitled: Chester of the Yale Dramatic Association
Original Title: Belle of the Balkans

One performance on April 24, 1914 at the Hotel Taft, New Haven
Produced by the Yale University Dramatic Association
Directed by Monty Woolley


Newbold Noyes, Rufus F. King, William S. Innis, Percival Dodge, Archibald MacLeish, Stoddard King, and Hay Langenheim

Musical Numbers

  • "Paranoia"
  • "Funny Little Tracks in the Snow"
  • "Innocent, Innocent Maids"
  • "Oh, What a Lovely Princess"
  • "Won't You Come Crusading With Me" [rewritten as "Prithee, Come Crusading With Me" ("Damsel, Damsel") for See America First]
  • "I Want to Row on the Crew"
  • "What Love Is"
  • "Down in a Dungeon Deep"
  • "Slow Sinks the Sun"
  • "The Prep School Widow"
  • "Idyll" [rewritten as "Love Came and Crowned Me" for See America First]
  • "I've a Shooting-Box in Scotland" [revised for See America First]
  • "Down Lovers Lane"
  • "Flower Song" [used in See America First as "The Language of Flowers"]
  • "Dresden China Soldiers"
  • "Naughty, Naughty"
  • "Hail to Cyril"

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