The Broadway Score (1958)

Vocal score of the Broadway version (1956)
Published in 1958 by
Amberson Enterprises, Inc., Publisher / G. Schirmer, Inc., Sole Selling Agent

Credits | Scenes and Selections


A Comic Operetta based on Voltaire's satire
Book by Lillian Hellman
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Other lyrics by John Latouche, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and Leonard Bernstein

Scenes and Selections

Please note that the numbers for each selection are as they have been designated in the 1958 published score.  They do not correspond with the Bernstein Number that I have assigned.  The selections have been linked to the annotations in the Song List.  Although lyrics are not individually credited in the score, I have attributed credits based on the published libretto of 1957.

Act One

Act Two

    Scene 1   Buenos Aires
  • 13   Trio: Quiet (Cunegonde, Old Lady, Governor) Wilbur
  • 14   Instrumental: Candide's Return from Eldorado
  • 14A Ballad: Eldorado (Candide and Chorus) Hellman
  • 15   Schottische: Bon Voyage (Governor and Chorus) Wilbur

  • Scene 1A   Candide Travels to Venice
  • 15A Instrumental: Into the Raft
  • 15B Instrumental: Raft to Venice

  • Scene 2   Venice
  • 15C  Ensemble: Venice Gambling Scene [Money, Money] (Croupier and Chorus) Wilbur
  • 16   Waltz: What's the Use? (Old Lady, Ferone, Bazzini, Ivan, Chorus) Wilbur
  • 16A Instrumental: Venice Continued
  • 17   Ensemble: The Venice Gavotte (Pangloss, Old Lady, Cunegonde, Candide) Parker *

  • Scene 3   Westphalia
  • 17A Instrumental: Return to Westphalia
  • 18   Ensemble: Finale: Make Our Garden Grow (Entire Company) Wilbur


  •    Song: Dear Boy (Pangloss and Sextette of Booth-Keepers) Wilbur

  • * Note: Although Dorothy Parker is solely credited with the lyrics of "Venice Gavotte", she actually only wrote Pangloss' "Lady Frilly" section.  Richard Wilbur wrote the lyrics for the "I've Got Troubles" section.

Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins