1959 London Production

            Opened April 30, 1959 at the Saville Theatre, London            
Ran for 60 performances

This production first played at the New Theatre, Oxford (opened March 30, 1959), moved to the Opera House, Manchester (opened on April 20, 1959), then opened in London.

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A New Musical based on Voltaire's Satire
Book by Lillian Hellman (assisted by Michael Stewart)
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Other Lyrics by John Latouche and Dorothy Parker

Production Credits

Produced by Linnit and Dunfee Ltd. by arrangement with S.T.P. (Theatres) Ltd.
Entire Production Directed by Robert Lewis
Sets and Costumes by Osbert Lancaster
Choreography by Jack Cole
Musical Director: Alexander Faris
Lighting by Michael Northen


Laurence Naismith - Dr. Pangloss / Martin
Denis Quilley - Candide
Mary Costa - Cunegonde
Edith Coates - Old Lady
Ron Moody - Governor of Buenos Aires
Dennis Stephenson - Maximillian / Second Inquisitioner
Vernon Rees - Baron Thunder Ten Tronch / Extortionist / Dutch Man
Vincent Charles - King of Hesse / Atheist
Alan Thomas - Pastry Cook / First Senor
Lorna Lee - Pastry Cook's Wife / Duchess
Patricia Moore - Cunegonde's Maid
Margot Barry - A Guest
Patricia Kilgarriff - Another Guest
Lauverne Gray - Flower Girl
Bryon O'Leary - Policeman / Second Senor / Second Lady Mary
Silvia Beamish - Swiss Woman
Roy Pattison - Spanish Gentleman / Guard / Chief of Police
Victor Spinetti - First Inquisitioner / Marquis Milton
James Cairncross - Third Inquisitioner / Sultan Milton
Shirley Lee - Woman Prisoner
Rudi Szigeti - Executioner
Lawrence Richardson - Croupier
Leighton Camden - A Desperate Gentleman
Tom Fletcher - First Lady Mary
Bernard Jamieson - Third Lady Mary
Brian Scott - Fourth Lady Mary

Dancers - Dorothy Buttery, Helen Fox, Maretta Grace, Patricia Hawks, Vivienne Hetzel, Derina House, Ross Howard, Bernard Jamieson, Brian Scott, Tommy Shaw, Rudi Szigeti, Gordon Wales

Musical Numbers

Act One

Act Two



Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins