1971 Touring Production

Opened July 6, 1971 at the Curran Theatre, San Francisco
Opened August 24, 1971 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles
Opened (?) at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC
Closed November 13, 1971

Production Credits | Cast | Musical Numbers | Synopsis


Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Other Lyrics by John Latouche
This version by Sheldon Patinkin
Based on the play by Lillian Hellman

Note: The programs of the LA and DC productions removed
Lillian Hellman's credit and changed the book credit to:
Book Adaptation by Sheldon Patinkin

Production Credits

Presented by The Los Angeles and San Francisco Civic Light Opera Associations
In association with The Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington DC
Produced by Edwin Lester
Conceived and Directed by Sheldon Patinkin
Scenery by Oliver Smith
Costumes by Freddy Wittop
Lighting by Peggy Clark
Music Director: Maurice Peress
Conductor: Ross Reimueller
Orchestrations by Leonard Bernstein and Hershy Kay
Additional Orchestrations and Dance Arrangements by Maurice Peress
Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Michael Smuin


Mary Costa - Cunegonde
Frank Porretta - Candide
Douglas Campbell - Narrator / Pangloss / Martin [replaced by Robert Klein in Washington DC]
Barbara Meister - Cunegonde [alternate]
Rae Allen - Old Lady
William Lewis - Baron Thunder-Ten Tronch / First Inquisitor / Marquis Milton / Ship Captain / Governor of Buenos Aires / Ferone
Joshua Hecht - Maximillian / King of Hesse / Second Inquisitor / Sultan Milton / Pilgrim Father / Chief of Police
Harold Brown - First Hessian General / Arab Conjurer / Gentleman of Paris / Pilgrim / Senores I / Croupier
Eugene Green - Herman, Second Hessian General / Third Inquisitor / Party Guest / Pilgrim / Senores II / Gambler
Annette Cardona - Baroness Thunder-Ten Tronch / Princess Casmira / Lady of Paris / Pilgrim Mother / Governor's New Mistress / Lady Frilly
Robert Ito - Baron's Body Guard / Inquisitors' Herald / Miltons' Major Domo / First Mate / Governor's Page / Keeper of the Masks

Citizens, Soldiers, Beggars, etc.: Dana Alexis, Lucy Andonian, Lonna Arklin, Tina Blandy (SF), Catherine Drew, Damita Freeman, Susan Gayle, De Maris Gordon, Anne Kaye, Brenda Lynn, Kelley Maxwell, Maris O'Neill, Marie Patrice, Daphne Payne, Carol Peres (DC), Mickie Pollak (DC), Pamela Sousa (LA & DC), Anne Turner, Cecile Wilson (SF & LA), Karen Yarmat, Robert Bakanic, David Bender, Howard Chitjian, James L. Cutlip, Clifford Fearl, Garold Gardner, Georgelton McClain, Autris Paige, Dean Rhodus (DC), Casper Roos, Juleste Salve (SF & LA), Marvin Samuels, Ben Vargas (DC), Paul Veglia (SF & LA), Danny Villa

Musical Numbers

Act One

Act Two

    Scene 1: Still Buenos Aires
  • Words, Words, Words - Martin [dropped in DC]
  • The Ballad of Eldorado - Candide and Buenos Airians [performed after "Quiet" in LA and DC]
  • Quiet - The Old Lady, The Governor, Cunegonde, Maximillian [performed immediately after "Words, Words, Words" in LA]
  • Schottische: Bon Voyage - The Governor, Maximillian, The Governor's New Mistress, The Governor's Page, The Two Senores, Buenos Airians

    Scene 2: The Atlantic Ocean
  • It Must Be Me - Candide
  • Barcarolle: The Simple Life - Marquis Milton, Candide, The Second Hessian General, Pangloss, The Arab Conjurer, Sultan Milton, The Inquisitors' Herald [dropped in DC]

    Scene 3: Venice
  • Pickpocket Ballet - Cunegonde, The Keeper of the Masks, Pickpockets, The Gentlemen of Venice, Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Paris [performed in SF only]
  • The Venice Gambling Scene - The Croupier and Venetians
  • What's the Use? - The Old Lady, Ferone, The Chief of Police, Cunegonde, The Croupier, Venetians
  • The Venice Gavotte - The Old Lady, Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss, Lady Frilly, Lady Silly, Lady Willy Nilly, Lady Lightly, Lady Brightly, Lady Fly-By-Nightly, Ferone, The Chief of Police, The Croupier, The Gambler, The Keeper of the Masks, Venetians
  • No More Than This - Candide
  • Return to Westphalia - Orchestra

    Scene 4: Westphalia Again
  • Make Our Garden Grow - The Ensemble



Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins