The Scottish Opera Score (1994)

Scottish Opera edition of the opera-house version (1989)
Published in 1994 by
Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing Co., LLC / Boosey & Hawkes

Credits | Scenes and Selections


Music by Leonard Bernstein
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Based on the satire by Voltaire
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
With additional lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, John Latouche,
Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and Leonard Bernstein
Orchestrations by Leonard Bernstein and Hershy Kay
Musical continuity and additional orchestrations by John Mauceri

This score incorporates the composer's final intentions regarding Candide.  The engraving of this score is based on Leonard Bernstein's conducting score for his 1989 Deutsche Grammophon recording of Candide as well as the orchestra material used in that recording, and the manuscripts of Leonard Bernstein at the Library of Congress.

Charlie Harmon, editor

Scenes and Selections

Please note that the numbers for each selection are as they have been designated in the 1994 published score.  They do not correspond with the Bernstein Number that I have assigned.  The selections have been linked to the annotations in the Song List.  Credits for lyrics are also shown.

Act One

Act Two

  • 14  Entr'acte

  • Scene 1   Buenos Aires: the Governor's palace
  • 14a Assimilated Utility (Underscore)
  • 14b Governor's Fanfare (Instrumental)
  • 15   My Love (Governor's Serenade: Governor and Cunegonde) Wilbur and Latouche
  • 15a Maximilian's Reprise (Maximilian and Governor) Wilbur and Latouche
  • 15b Governor's Exit Music (Instrumental)
  • 16   Quiet (Trio: The Old Lady, Cunegonde, Governor) Wilbur

  • Scene 2   In the South American jungle, near a Jesuit encampment
  • 17  Alleluia (Stage performance / Ensemble and Underscore: Maximilian and Chorus) Wilbur

  • Scene 3   Another part of the jungle
  • 17a Monkey Music (Underscore)

  • Scene 4   Eldorado
  • 18   Introduction to Eldorado (Underscore)
  • 18a Ballad of Eldorado (Candide and Chorus) Hellman

  • Scene 5   Surinam: the waterfront
  • 19  Words, Words, Words (Martin's Laughing Song: Martin) Bernstein
  • 20  Bon Voyage (Hornpipe: Vanderdendur and Chorus) Wilbur

  • Scene 6   In the Atlantic
  • 20a Drowning Music (Underscore)
  • 21   The Kings' Barcarolle (Charles Edward, Candide, Hermann Augustus, Pangloss, Sultan Achmet, Tsar Ivan, Stanislaus) Wilbur

  • Scene 7   Venice: the Casino, then at a house
  • 22  Money, Money, Money (Venice Gambling Scene: Croupier and Chorus) Wilbur

  • Scene 8   Venice: near the Grand Canal
  • 22a Grand Canal (Instrumental Change of Scene)

  • Scene 9   Venice: the Casino
  • 23  We Are Women (Polka: Cunegonde and The Old Lady) Bernstein
  • 24  What's the Use? (Ensemble: The Old Lady, Ragotski, Maximilian, Crook and Chorus) Wilbur
  • 25  The Venice Gavotte (Quartet: The Old Lady, Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss) Wilbur and Parker
  • 26  Nothing More Than This (Candide) Bernstein

  • Scene 10   A small farm near Venice
  • 26a Candide's Lament (Return to Westphalia) (Underscore)
  • 26b Universal Good (Chorus) Bernstein and Hellman
  • 27   Make Our Garden Grow (Finale: Entire Company) Wilbur
  • 28   Bows


Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins