Uncollected Stories

These stories have not been reprinted in a Michael Bishop collection.  Some have been reprinted in other publications (denoted by *).  Follow the link from the story for complete bibliographic information.

+ These stories are proposed to be included in a future collection entitled Other Arms Reach Out to Me: Georgia Stories


Story Title
Periodical Title [or Book Title], Date

Darktree, Darktide
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr 1971 *

In Rubble, Pleading
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb 1974

Cabinet Meeting
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Summer 1977 *

Three Dream Woman (written with Craig Strete)
New Dimensions 8, Apr 1978 *

Shadows, Sep 1978

A Few Last Words for the Late Immortals
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, Jul 1979

The Last Child Into the Mountain (written with Lee Ellis)
Omni, Mar 1983 *

Gravid Babies: A Novel of Horrific Menace in Considerable Synopsis
The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror, Aug 1983

Crazy About Each Other
The Chattahoochee Review, Vol. XI No. 3, Spring 1991 * +

The Creature on the Couch
The Ultimate Frankenstein, Oct 1991

The Georgia Review, Vol. XLV No. 4, Winter 1991 * +

The Balloon
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Jan 1992

Doggedly Wooing Madonna
Century #2, May/Jun 1995 +

Spiritual Dysfunction and Counterangelic Longings; or, Sariela: A Case Study in One Act
Heaven Sent, May 1995

Outside the Circle
The Thirteenth Moon #17, Jan 1996

The Alzheimer Laureate
Science Fiction Age, Mar 1996

Three Dreams in the Wake of a Death
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jul 1996

Annalise, Annalise
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct/Nov 1996

Cyril Berganske
Omni Online, May 1997 *

Yesterday's Hostage
Dying For It, Oct 1997

How Beautiful With Banners
Century #6, Spr 2000 +

Analog, Nov 2000

Her Chimpanion
Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar 2001 *

Midwiving the World
The Silver Web, Jan 2002

The Russian Agent
The Chattahoochee Review, Spr 2002 +

Cicada, Inc.
Interzone, Jan 2003

Andalusian Triptych, 1962
Polyphony, Volume 2, Apr 2003

The Sacerdotal Owl
13 Horrors, Apr 2003 *

Change of Life
New York Stories, Spr 2004 +

Baby Love
Polyphony 4, Sep 2004 +

We Shall Not, We Shall Not Be Moved
Indiana Review, Sum 2005

Dr. Prida's Dream-Plagued Patient
Aberrant Dreams, Spr 2006 *

Weird Tales, Nov/Dec 2008

The Chattahoochee Review, Fall 2008 +

Last Drink Bird Head
Last Drink Bird Head, Nov 2009

The Library of Babble
Subterranean Online, Win 2010

Tor.com, Jul 11, 2011

Unfit for Eden
Postscripts 26/27: Unfit for Eden, Jan 2012

Twenty Lights to 'The Land of Snow'
Going Interstellar, Jun 2012


Compiled by Michael H. Hutchins

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