Articles, essays and other nonfiction pieces written by Tom Stoppard, chronologically listed.  This is a work-in-progress.  More information will be added as time allows.  Note that only selected pieces of Stoppard's work in the late 1950s / early 1960s as a critic and columnist are included in this listing.

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The 1950s

"Saint Nick — the facts." Western Daily Press, 24 Dec. 1957.

"To speak of two Hamlets." Western Daily Press, 5 June 1958.

"Act which Tom Stoppard tries another profession." Western Daily Press and Bristol Mirror, 13 Sep. 1958.

"A Child's First Concert." Bristol Evening World, 22 Nov. 1958.

"A Hard-Hitting Thriller." [film review: "Blind Date"] Bristol Evening World, 29 Sep. 1959.

"They're having a 'terrible' time again, all the same I'm prepared to join the film star." Bristol Evening World, 3 Oct. 1959.

"But it's a pity it had to sag." Bristol Evening World, 20 Oct. 1959.

The 1960s

"'On the Beach' a superb piece of film-making." Bristol Evening World, 9 Mar. 1960.

"The Lovers." Bristol Evening World, 17 May 1960.

"The 'Before' and 'After' of a Course of Lifemanship." Bristol Evening World, 12 July 1960.

"The Articulate Peasant. A profile of John Steinbeck" Men Only and Lilliput 75, Nov. 1960: 72-75.

"Critic and His Credo." Western Daily Press & Times Mirror, 5 Jan. 1961.

"The Wrong Door." Western Daily Press, 18 Jan. 1961.

"New Hero is Spinning Money." [Film reviews: "Lucky Jim", "Room at the Top", "The Entertainer", "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning"] Western Daily Press, 8 Feb. 1961.

[Article on Arnold Wesker.] Western Daily Press, 1 Mar 1961.

"A slave to a mural." [Review of "Spartacus".] (as by Tomik Straüssler) Western Daily Press, 1 Mar 1961.

[Review of "Ben Hur".] Western Daily Press, 14 Mar 1961.

[Review of "No Love for Johnny".] Western Daily Press, 5 Apr. 1961.

[Review of "La Dolce Vita".] Western Daily Press, 28 June 1961.

"After Wesker — is the horse so thirsty?" Western Daily Press, 30 Oct. 1961.

"Grandmother Courage." Western Daily Press, 13 Nov. 1961.

"Double focus — the plight of the sane lunatic." Western Daily Press, 13 Nov. 1961.

"Sugar at Tiffany's." Western Daily Press, 18 Dec. 1961.

"And now a preposterous New Year." Western Daily Press, 1 Jan. 1962.

"The Tense Present — Harold Pinter." Western Daily Press, 8 Jan. 1962.

"Who's Talking of Jerusalem?" Western Daily Press, 15 Jan. 1962.

"Death by Satire." Western Daily Press, 30 Apr. 1962.

"Vox Brittanicus, In Another Country." Village Voice, 3 May 1962.

"Lenny Goes Limey." Village Voice, 10 May 1962.

"Tom Stoppard on a dazzling new writer..." [review of Next Time I'll Sing to You by James Saunders] Scene 18, 9 Feb. 1963. 46-47.

"A Very Satirical Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Theatre Tonight." Encore 10, 1963: 33-36.

"Just Impossible." [Review of The Impossible Years] Plays and Players, Jan. 1967: 28-29.

"A Case of Vice Triumphant." [Review of A Soldier's Fortune] Plays and Players, Mar. 1967: 16-19.

"The Definite Maybe." The Author 78, Spring 1967: 18-20. [reprinted in Author, Author. Ed. Richard Findlater. London: Faber and Faber, 1984]

"Something to Declare." Sunday Times, 25 Feb. 1968: 47

"Confessions of a Screenwriter." Today's Cinema, 3 Feb. 1969: 5

The 1970s

"I'm Not Keen on Experiments." New York Times, 8 Mar. 1970: Sec 2, p.17.

"Commentary on Ted Hughes' Orghast." Times Literary Supplement, 10 Oct. 1971: 1174

"Yes, We Have No Banana." Guardian, 10 Dec. 1971: 10

"Playwrights and Professors." Times Literary Supplement, 13 Oct. 1972: 1219

Review of A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, Volume I, A-G. Punch, 13 Dec. 1972: 893-894.

"Acting out the Oil Game." The Observer, 8 Sep. 1974: 24.

"The Miss UK Sales Promotion." The Observer, 15 Sep. 1974: 27.

"Welcome to the World: Presenting a New Arrival at Westminster Hospital." Evening News, 20 Sep. 1974: Sec. E, p.1.

"Disaster in Bangladesh." The Observer, 22 Sep. 1974: 27.

"Festival of Soap Opera." The Observer, 29 Sep. 1974: 28.

Introduction to Glyn Boyd Harte: A Spring Collection. London: Thumb Gallery, 1976.

"The Case for Peter Hall and the National: Three Big Guns of the Theatre — Tom Stoppard, Lord Goodman, Peter Stevens — Reply to Max Hastings," Evening Standard, 30 Sep. 1976: 24-25.

"Czech Human Rights." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 7 Feb. 1977: 15.

"Dirty Linen in Prague." New York Times, 11 Feb. 1977: Sec.1, p.27.

"The Face at the Window." Sunday Times, 27 Feb. 1977: 33.

"But for the Middle Classes." [Review of Enemies of Society by Paul Johnson.] Times Literary Supplement, 3 June 1977: 677.

"Prague: The Story of the Chartists." New York Review of Books 24.4, 4 Aug. 1977: 11-15

"Journalists' Closed Shop." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 11 Aug. 1977: 13.

"Human Rights in Prague." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 17 Oct. 1977: 13.

"My Friends Fighting for Freedom." Daily Mail, 20 Oct. 1977: 6.

"Looking-Glass World." New Statesman, 28 Oct. 1977: 571-572.

"Foreword." Forwards!: A Phantom Captain Book. Ed. Neil Hornick. London: Unexpected Developments Ltd. in association with Aloes Books, 1977. 30.

"Nothing in Mind." London Magazine, Feb. 1978: 65-68.

"A I5-Year Wait for Nureyev's Mother." [Letter to the editor.] Daily Telegraph, 17 Mar. 1979: 20.

The 1980s

"Introduction." Vaclav Havel. The Memorandum. Trans. Vera Blackwell. New York: Grove Press, 1980; London: Eyre Methuen, 1981.

"Tom Stoppard on the KGB's Olympic Trials." Sunday Times, 6 Apr. 1980: 16.

"Borisov's Brief Freedom." [Letter to the editor.] Sunday Times, 15 June 1980: 12.

"Previous Non-convictions." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 3 Nov. 1980: 13.

"Leftover from Travesties." Adam International Review, 42, nos. 431-33 (1980): 11-12.

"Stoppard Stops Off: The Playwright at Play in the Land of Free Time." Washington Post, 21 June 1981: Sec.F, p.1.

"Prague's Wall of Silence." [Open letter to the president of Czechoslovakia.] The Times, 18 Nov. 1981: 10. {reprinted as "Open Letter to President Husak," in They Shoot Writers, Don't They?. Ed. George Theiner. London: Faber and Faber, 1984: 57-59.

"Wildlife Observed: The Galapagos: Paradise and Purgatory." The Observer Magazine, 29 Nov. 1981: 38-50.

"Is It True What They Say About Shakespeare?" International Shakespeare Association Occasional Paper No. 2. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1982

"Paradise and Purgatory." Weekend Magazine, 20 Feb. 1982.

"Reflections on Ernest Hemingway." [Lecture at the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, 21 May 1982, as part of a conference on "Ernest Hemingway: The Writer in Context."] Ernest Hemingway: The Writer in Context. Ed. James Nagel. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1984: 19-27.

"Lech's Troubles with Chuck, Bruce and Bob." The Times, 31 May 1984: 14.

"Freedom, But Thousands Are Still Captive." Daily Mail, 12 Feb. 1986: 6.

"Arrests in Prague." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 4 Oct. 1986: 9.

"Human Rights." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 13 Feb. 1987: 17.

"Going to Bat for Britain." House & Garden, Nov. 1987: 22-30.

"The Text's the Thing." Daily Telegraph, 23 Apr. 1988.

"Introduction." Mark Bryant. Publish and Be Damned: Cartoons for Internation Pen. London: Heinemann Kingswood, 1988

"The Event and the Text." [Lecture at McMaster University, 24 Oct. 1988] Ta Panta 6. Hamilton Ont: McMaster University, 1988 [reprinted in Tom Stoppard in Conversation. Ed. Paul Delaney. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1994: 199-211]

The 1990s

"Harold Pinter: the poet of no-man's-land." Sunday Times, 7 Oct. 1990: Sec.7, p.13.

"Connery Dispute." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 13 Oct. 1990: 15.

"To Film or Not to Film." Premiere, Nov. 1990: 134.

"Going Back." Independent Magazine, 23 Mar. 1991: 25-30

"In Search of Childhood." Daily Mail, 4 May 1991: 17,19

"Let Iran Make Amends on Rushdie." [Edited transcription of speech given 14 Feb. 1992] The Observer, 16 Feb. 1992: 22.

"Stop the Onslaught." [Letter to the editor.] The Guardian, 22 May 1992: 24.

"Drama Reduction on Radio 3." [Letter to the editor.] The Times, 30 June 1992: 15.

"Late to Read, Early to Rise." The Times, 12 Sep. 1992: 17

"In front of the Curtain." Not in the Script: Bristol Old Vic, Anecdotes on stage and off. Bristol: Redcliffe Press, 1992

"Playing With Science." Engineering and Science LVIII (1994): 3-13

"Spy Stuff as a Metaphor for the World of Physics." New York Times, 27 Nov. 1994: 25

"Stalking Raymond Chandler's Spirit." New York Times, 19 July 1998: 2

"On Turning Out to Be Jewish." Talk, Sep. 1999: 190+ [reprinted as "Another Country." Sunday Telegraph Magazine, 10 Oct. 1999: 14-21]

"Pragmatic Theater." New York Review of Books, 23 Sep. 1999: 8,10 [reprinted in Doing It: Five Performing Arts. Ed. Robert B. Silvers. New York: New York Review of Books Press, 2001]

The 2000s

"On The Invention of Love: Another Exchange." New York Review of Books, 19 Oct. 2000: 64-65

"Making It." Times Literary Supplement, 15 June 2001: 15

"The Forgotten Revolutionary." Observer, 2 June 2002

"Introduction." The Duchess of Devonshire. Counting My Chickens...and Other Home Thoughts. New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, Oct. 2002

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