The Real Inspector Hound

One-act stage play.  Revision of The Stand-Ins written in 1961.  First performed at the Criterion Theatre, London, (dir. Robert Chetwyn) on June 17, 1968.  First US performance at Brown University, Providence RI, on August 2, 1970.  First New York performance at Theatre Four (dir. Joseph Hardy) on April 23, 1972 on a double-bill with After Magritte

Revived by the Dolphin Company at the Shaw Theatre, London (dir. Nigel Gordon) on November 6, 1972 on a double-bill with After MagritteRevived at the Young Vic Theatre, London on November 23, 1976 on a double-bill with If You're Glad I'll Be FrankFirst Broadway production was at the Criterion Theatre Stage Right on August 13, 1992 on a double-bill with The Fifteen Minute HamletRevived at the Comedy Theatre, London (dir. Greg Doran) on April 22, 1998 [on a double bill with Peter Schaffer's "Black Comedy"].

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