Cole (Mermaid Theatre) [program]

An entertainment based on the words and music of Cole Porter
Devised by Benny Green and Alan Strachan

Opened July 2, 1974 at the Mermaid Theatre, London
Directed by Alan Strachan and David Toguri
Designed by Peter Docherty
Lighting by Nick Chelton
Music Arranged by Ken Moule
Musical Director: John Burrows


Angela Richards, Peter Gale, Kenneth Nelson, Julia McKenzie, Rod McLennan, Una Stubbs, Lucy Fenwick, Bill Kerr, Elizabeth Power, and Ray Cornell

Musical Numbers

  • Overture
    • "Night and Day" [from Gay Divorce] - Orchestra
    • "Wouldn't It Be Fun" [from Aladdin] - Kenneth Nelson
    • "Another Op'nin', Another Show" [from Kiss Me Kate] - Company
    • Introduction: Cole Porter
    • "The Bobolink Waltz" - Orchestra
  • Yale Sequence
    • "Bingo Eli Yale" - Lucy Fenwick, Elizaberth Power, Angela Richards, Una Stubbs
    • Gerald Murphy Remembers
    • "When the Summer Moon Comes 'Long" - Ray Cornell, Peter Gale, BIll Kerr, Rod McLennan
    • Leaving Yale
    • "See America First" [from See America First] - Julia McKenzie
    • Leaving Home
  • Paris Sequence
    • "The Lost Liberty Blues" [from La Revue des Ambassadeurs] - Angela Richards
    • Paris in the '20's
    • "I Love Paris" [from Can-Can] - Elizabeth Power
    • Playboy
    • "(Thank You So Much) Missus Lowsborough-Goodby" [independent song] - Julia McKenzie
    • Not All Play
    • "Dizzy Baby" [cut from Paris] - Kenneth Nelson, Rod McLennan
    • Going Home
    • "You Don't Know Paree" [from Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Peter Gale
  • Manhattan Sequence
  • Broadway Sequence
    • A New White Way
    • "Night and Day" [from Gay Divorce] - Kenneth Nelson
    • "Anything Goes" [from Anything Goes] - Company
    • "I Get a Kick Out of You" [from Anything Goes] - Elizabeth Power
    • No Sorrow Tomorrow
    • "Tomorrow" (part 1) [from Leave It to Me] - Company
    • Porter's Accident
    • "Tomorrow" (continued) [from Leave It to Me] - Company
  • What is This Thing Called Love? Sequence
    • Overture: "Begin the Beguine" [from Jubilee] - Orchestra
    • "What is This Thing Called Love?" [from Wake Up and Dream] - Angela Richards
    • "You Do Something to Me" [from Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Lucy Fenwick, Ray Cornell
    • "You've Got That Thing" [from Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Peter Gale
    • "Let's Misbehave" [from Paris] - Rod McLennan
    • "The Laziest Gal in Town" [independent song] - Una Stubbs
    • "At Long Last Love" [from You Never Know] - Rod McLennan
    • "It's De-lovely" [from Red, Hot, and Blue] - Julia McKenzie, Bill Kerr
    • "In the Still of the Night" [from Rosalie] - Elizabeth Power
    • "I Worship You" [cut from Fifty Million Frenchmen] - Kenneth Nelson
    • "Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please" [from Panama Hattie] - Angela Richards
    • "Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love" [from Leave It to Me] - Julia McKenzie, Elizabeth Power, Angela Richards
    • "From This Moment On" [cut from Out of This World] - Lucy Fenwick, Angela Richards, Una Stubbs, Ray Cornell, Peter Gale, Rod McLennan
    • "Just One of Those Things" [from Jubilee] - Elizabeth Power, Bill Kerr
    • "We Shall Never Be Younger" [cut from Kiss Me Kate] - Julia McKenzie, Kenneth Nelson
    • "What is This Thing Called Love?" (reprise) [from Wake Up and Dream] - Company
  • Hollywood Sequence
    • Go West
    • "Be a Clown" [from The Pirate] - Julia McKenzie, Una Stubbs
    • Looking East
  • Back to Broadway Sequence
    • "Please Don't Monkey With Broadway" [from Broadway Melody of 1940] - Ray Cornell, Rod McLennan, Kenneth Nelson
    • "The Leader of a Big-Time Band" [from Something for the Boys] - Julia McKenzie, Elizabeth Power, Angela Richards, Rod McLennan, Kenneth Nelson
    • Doldrums
    • "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" [from Kiss Me Kate] - Peter Gale, Bill Kerr, Rod McLennan
    • "Why Can't You Behave" [from Kiss Me Kate] - Julia McKenzie, Elizabeth Power, Angela Richards
    • Last Words
  • Finale

Original Cast Recording

Recorded at the Mermaid Theatre, July 14-15, 1974
Produced by Charles Gerhardt & George Korngold
Engineers: Bob Auger Associates
Liner notes by Bernard Miles, Benny Green, and Alan Strachan

  • Double LP, 1974 [RCA Red Seal CRL2-5054]